Is Using A Stand Up Desk Better For Your Back Than Using A Traditional Desk?

Is Using A Stand Up Desk Better For Your Back Than Using A Traditional Desk?

There have been many businesses that are marketing a unique type of desk. It is called a standup desk, ones that are either portable, or are designed in that manner. Many studies have shown that many of the lower back problems that people have, especially those that are working at a desk for eight hours or longer each day, often have chronic problems with this area of their back. The reason that this can help is that it allows them to break up the monotony of sitting in one location for extended periods of time. In fact, people will often switch from a sitting to standing position, something that can be done usually with the press of a button. Here is a quick overview of why many experts believe that the best portable standing desk is going to be much better than a traditional desk if you would like to improve the back pain that you may be feeling right now.

Why Does Sitting All Day Affect Your Lower Back?

There are many experts that have talked about by sitting for extended periods of time can cause lower back pain. Studies were actually done back in 2013 by the highly regarded Mayo Clinic. In this report, they were able to show that about 33% of all visits to the doctor are because of some type of back pain. Unfortunately, only a small portion of those that do have this condition actually go in for some type of medical treatment. This could be due to a lack of medical insurance, or medical insurance that does not cover what would be needed to resolve the issue. Back pain, specifically in the lower back, is caused by what is called postural stress. This is because the weight of your upper torso is constantly pushing down in one location. With most people, this tends to be the lower back area, causing problems with muscles, and even the vertebrae of your spine, prompting many to get muscle relaxers or visit a chiropractor regularly.

Five Reasons Why People Develop Back Problems Sitting At Their Desk

Although sitting in one position will certainly cause this type of problem, most people do not remain seated in the same way. If you think about your habits while sitting at a desk, you are typically working on paperwork or you are using a computer. Posture problems also contribute to why you may develop this lower back pain. For example, if you are constantly looking down at your tablet computer, this can cause some problems. If your shoulders are rolled forward, or if you are leaning forward from your lower back, this can also exacerbate the problem. Finally, if you are constantly typing and using the mouse, your elbows will likely be too far away from your body. These are just a few of the additional reasons why using a standing desk might be extremely useful if you have lower back pain on a consistent basis.You can also order great quality writing desks from Singapore.

Can This Problem Be Solved With A Stand Up Desk?

The reason that people have decided to create the standup desk is primarily because of this problem. In the same way that repetitious motion can cause problems such as pain in your knees, or even your rotator cuff in your shoulder, sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to these compression related issues. By augmenting how long you are sitting, you can avoid the consistent pressure which acts in a similar way to repetitive motion injuries. By breaking up the pattern of constant pressure, you can avoid what could lead to chronic or lifelong problems with your back.

How To Choose The Right One For Your Situation?

The one that you choose really depends on three different factors. First of all, there is the cost. If you already have an existing desk, which most people will, you will want to get one of the popular portable units. Second, size of the stand up desk can also be a factor. If you would like to place this only on your existing desk, then the smaller one will be your best choice. Other people prefer to simply remove their existing desk and replace it with a new standing desk. This will be much more expensive. Finally, if you decide to do this, you also want to consider the reputation of the business that is currently promoting them. You will probably see several different advertisements on television for these products. You will want to find reviews of the different products, and you will also want to consider talking to people that you know that may be using one right now. You can ask them how it has helped their lower back pain, and if it has, this will lead you to a company that you can trust.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

In most cases, people will see positive results the first week that they use this type of desk. Of course, they need to augment their sitting and standing positions while working regularly in order to benefit from what the desk is designed to do. By switching every hour, you should start to see a noticeable improvement in the back pain that you are experiencing. If you are getting one of the portable units, you could actually bring this with you to work, and back home again, so that there is never a time where you will have to do any prolonged sitting.

Now that you know a little bit more about Desk View portable desk and how they can be beneficial for back pain, you may want to consider investing in one. Prices range from a couple hundred dollars apiece to over $1000. It just depends if you are getting the portable smaller units, or if you are investing in a much more expensive standup desk to replace the one that you have. By comparing prices that are offered by the companies that sell them, you will quickly find one that’s going to help you out. You will soon have the ability to sit and stand at your place of work using your brand-new standup desk that will help alleviate any back pain that you may be feeling right now.


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