3 Outdoor Tools Every New Homeowner Needs

3 Outdoor Tools Every New Homeowner Needs

For many home buyers, especially if they’re purchasing their first single-family home, they put so much of their focus into the house itself that they fail to put much thought into the property as a whole. But, a major part of maintaining your new purchase rests as much with the property outside of your home as it does with the house itself.

From lawn care to trees to your new driveway, there’s a lot you need to maintain. And, if you’re too concerned with a new living room set or remodeling the kitchen, you have probably overlooked what needs your attention outdoors.

Here are three very useful outdoor tools you will want to consider purchasing if you don’t already have them.

A Square Point Shovel

Unless you’ve owned your own yard or grew up in a house that had a yard you needed to maintain, you probably have no idea why on Earth you need a shovel, let alone a square point shovel. Once you have a lawn to take care of, that mystery quickly vanishes.

First, this isn’t just any shovel. A square point shovel sometimes referred to as a garden spade, has a flat edge contrary to those most people think of with curved and pointed edges.

The reason why this type of shovel is a tool you’re going to need is that it’s incredibly handy for many common lawn and garden tasks you’ll find yourself occupied with as a homeowner. For instance, you can use it to edge flower beds, move loose dirt and mulch, level ground, scrape debris off of your driveway, and even to mix concrete.

An Axe or Two

While shovels help with soil and other various debris, it’s not going to do too much for the trees in your new yard. You’re going to need something a little more heavy duty to handle those.

That’s where a wood splitting axe comes in. Axes let your prune invasive or dying branches as well as thin out unwanted saplings every spring. They, of course, can come in handy for other odd jobs as well.

But, if you have a lot of land, there’s a special combination of axes you’ll want to consider: a felling axe and a splitting axe.

A felling axe or even a general multi-purpose axe will be enough to handle pruning and thinning out unwanted trees and saplings, but they won’t be very helpful with breaking down all of that wood. A splitting axe will help you break it up into smaller logs that you can either use for firewood or sell.

If you’re taking ownership of a lot of acreage, you might want to forego the axes and jump right to a chainsaw and log splitter.

A Wheelbarrow

Everyone knows what a wheelbarrow is, but many people don’t realize just how useful owning one is. It’s the type of tool you don’t ever think you’ll need until the time arrives when you do.

The reason for needing one of these differs from but is at the same time connected to why you will want a shovel and some axes. When you use your shovel to edge flower beds or gardens, or you break down a felled tree into logs, you are going to need to transport everything. And, doing that by hand is far from efficient.

A wheelbarrow will help with moving loose soil and grass, transporting logs and firewood, and even as a place to mix concrete should you need to. Basically, it’s going to come in handy whenever you’re working outside of your home and find yourself moving something heavy or a lot of small objects from one location to another.

In Summary

Buying a new home is a lot of work. Aside from all of the bureaucracy, you have to make any desired renovations and move all of your belongings. But, your work doesn’t end there.

You also need to keep up your home’s curb appeal. That means you’ll be doing your fair share of landscaping too.

The tools discussed above are going to make that work much easier. You’ll probably need to invest in a few others as well, but making sure you have these will allow you to hit the ground running.


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