6 Things You Should Do So That Your Children Are Prepared for High School

6 Things You Should Do So That Your Children Are Prepared for High School

It seems like just yesterday they were starting kindergarten, and now it’s almost time or them to spread their wings. Almost. Even though they suddenly seem so grown, they still need you to help them get ready for high school.

Here are six things you should do to help your kids prepare for high school:

  1. Clearly label al books and folders

When your kids move from middle school to high school, it’s a big adjustment. Oftentimes, they’re introduced to new kids, new teachers and a more complicated schedule. Add more homework on top of that and it may be too much for your child to bear.

You can help by labeling folders, notebooks and textbooks with the appropriate class information. For bonus points, add the classroom info. This can be very helpful if your child is going to a large high school.

  2. Make a copy of their class schedule

In the first week or two of high school, it’s definitely possible for your kid to forget his or her schedule. Keep a copy at home and/or in your phone, so you can help out in those moments of panic.

  3. Keep a shared calendar

It’s difficult for anyone to keep track of multiple assignments, social events and extracurriculars. Help your child by organizing a calendar with all the important dates. This will also help you plan your life so that you can work around big assignments and practices. A shared Google Calendar will work well. There’s a thin line between helping and micromanaging, so remember that the responsibilities are up to your child. You’re just helping him or her

  4. Find out about extracurriculars

Get all the details about extra-curricular activities, specifically when and where they begin. If your child isn’t participating in afterschool activities, try and help them find some because they are a great resource for a maturing young adult. Review available activities with your child, so you can decide together which ones he or she will join. Once you’ve decided, put the dates on your shared calendar.

  5. Talk more about what’s happening in school

You’ve probably been having chats about your child’s day all along, but now’s a good time to step it up. Your son or daughter is going to go through so many changes. They will really benefit from knowing they have your support.

  6. Practice healthy stress-management techniques

With so many changes, the transition can be a major source of stress for new high schoolers. If you haven’t done this earlier, the summer before high school is a great time to start practicing stress management techniques.

If your child has had issues with depression, anxiety or substance abuse, now is the time to address them. There’s no shame in getting help because seeking treatment isn’t bad. Issues like these tend to become amplified under stress.

Your soon-to-be high schooler is getting ready to spread his or her wings. Now is the time to prepare them for the responsibility. Teach them how to manage their time and schedules, so they can find time to get everything done.


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