Are You Breathing in Dirty or Tainted Air? Why Not Fix It?

Are You Breathing in Dirty or Tainted Air? Why Not Fix It?

The air you breathe in is important, so important that when it is dirty or tainted then the effects are disastrous. There is no telling just what kind of pathogens, contagions, dust, dirt, sand, mold, bacteria, or viruses are floating around. Your air system is often to blame, pumping in air without discretion as to what else is coming inside as well. Luckily, there is an easy way to stop the airflow traveling through a home from causing any breathing issues. Air filters are ergonomically designed to keep the air inside a home as fresh and clean smelling as possible.

Get Rid of Terrible Smelling Air

The average home airs out when the airflow going through it brings fresh, clean air inside and using it to replace the old air. The air filters already in your house get dirty, and when that happens the airflow changes. When the airflow cannot move forward easily then the old air is unable to leave and certain particles build up. Clean air filters are even more important when a house has residents who smoke or pets. You do not want the air in your house to be full of cigarette smoke or pet dander, the particles build up everywhere and cause breathing issues.

Keep Dangerous Pollutants Out

Pollution is a large problem for the world at large, but it becomes a whole lot more personal when it starts affecting the way you breathe in your own home. There is no end to the number of pollutants trying to sneak their way into a home, most of which are dangerous to breathe in. Air filters are specifically designed to stop your air system from bringing in any nasty airborne issues. Tiny particles are either trapped or absorbed in the air filter intricate mesh weaving, which is able stop pollutants microns in size. You are going to need to purchase the right air filters in order to prevent issues though.

Air Filters, MERV, and You

Indoor air quality is pretty reliant on your filters and their ability to clean out incoming airflow. You are able to tell how efficient a filter is by seeing their Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. The MERV rating is able to tell you just how tight a filters weaving is, and just how small the particles is will be able to catch are. Higher MERV ratings mean tighter weaves but that is not always a good thing. You want a more balanced MERV rated filter or there may actually be some issues with billing.

Air Filter Balance

Your air system relies on clean, efficient filters to bring in the airflow without causing any sorts of problems. When the air filters are not clean or high MERV rated then the airflow has a harder time making it through. In those conditions, your air system needs to work even harder to get the flow going and that means an increased use of electricity. More electricity means higher energy billing, which can end up costing you thousands of dollars a year. Keep your air clean and checkbooks unburdened by investing in air filter delivery for new filters at affordable prices.


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