3 best Low Impact Cardio Exercise Equipment on the Planet

3 best Low Impact Cardio Exercise Equipment on the Planet

Are you suffering from overweight or joint injuries then the low impact cardio exercise is the best option for you they include very fewer chances of injury?

People often to lose their weight or get in shape in a short time choose the high impact exercises it may give the desired result in the expected time, but with the result, you can suffer from the bones or joints damage.

Although high impact exercises have many benefits when it comes to cardio health or burning calories, they need to be done carefully by following some precautions.

So according to a lot of cardio specialists, the low impact exercise is the best one to follow regularly at least for 30 minutes to 1 hour to maintain fitness and get in shape.

Top 3 Low Impact Cardio Workout Equipment’s for Better Fitness:

  1. Elliptical trainers:

Elliptical trainers are also known as the cross trainer is one of the best low impact exercise equipment which you can find in most of the big gym centres. It is the most preferred exercise machine by joint pain suffers as it offers excellent comfort while exercising and also as it includes no injury.

You can walk on the machine or run by stepping on to the pedals the movement of the pedals is in an elliptical path. It is made of high-quality magnetic resistance material you can adjust the resistance offered by the machine according to your convenience by merely pushing a button.

The elliptical trainer low impact equipment consists of a movable handlebar which can be pulled and pushed for doing the complete upper and lower body workout.

  2. Exercise bike:

The exercise bike is perfect low impact equipment which is best for your cardio. The exercise bike is similar to the recumbent bike or regular bike it has the same features with an upright or flatter and broader seat.

The pedalling of the exercise bike is great as it has magnetic resistance property while pedalling which is not seen in the standard bikes.

There are two forms of exercise bikes such as recumbent and upright. The recumbent is good for back support and offers more comfort to the rider you need to ride this bike in seating position only a few calories are burnt in it.

While the upright bike can be pedalled in seating or standing position, you can burn more calories in this exercise bike as it offers an alternate sitting exercise.

  3. Rowing machine:

 The rowing machine is the other type of low impact cardio exercise equipment which is famous for the benefits it offers to the user. It is an excellent workout for the muscles as you need to pull the handle and to push the legs while exercising on it. It offers excellent lower body workout with the help of different forms of resistance such as air, water, hydraulics, and magnetism.

Walking on the treadmill and air glider is the other type of best low impact cardio exercise equipment’s which you need to know.

Do the low impact exercises regularly and get benefitted.


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