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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological disease that affects a child’s ability to control how their muscles move. Consequently, the disease affects the child’s muscle tone, movement, and motor skills. In many cases, the disease results from brain damage. Although there are no full-proof methods to prevent it, it is imperative to learn the steps that one can take to make the disease less likely to occur.

The complex nature of the disease has often hindered doctors and researchers from fully understanding the disease and finding a definite cure. However, the collaboration of medical professionals, the government, and research communities has helped come up with recommendations that parents can apply to significantly reduce the chance of their child acquiring Cerebral Palsy. Of paramount importance to note is that if Cerebral Palsy results from congenital abnormalities, then it is highly likely that it cannot be prevented.

For pregnant mothers, there are certain steps that one needs to take:

Treating Underlying Conditions

For pregnant mothers or mothers looking to get pregnant, it is crucial to seek treatment for underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, eating disorders, or sexually transmitted diseases. Such conditions can affect physiological conditions in the body and lead to an unhealthy baby. Seeking treatment for such conditions is part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Seeking Healthcare Advice

Parents play a key role in the prevention of CP. Although it is challenging to predict complications that might occur during pregnancy, parents are still in a great position to mitigate the disease. Seeking healthcare where the parents ask questions, advocate for the child, as well as seek information, is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Such activities have an impact on the health of the pregnancy. Also, it is important regularly attend pre-natal healthcare appointments. Attending scheduled ultrasounds as well as other health check-ups can help doctors identify and treat the condition as well as other concomitant conditions early enough.

Staying Away From Harmful Substances and Drugs

It is important for pregnant mothers to refrain from alcohol, drugs, or smoking. It is also essential to avoid second-hand smoke and exposure to chemicals such as cleaning products, lawn fertilizers, or even kitty litter. Additionally, consuming herbal remedies or other medicines not approved by the doctor should be avoided. To get addictions under control, it is important to get counseling. If one is under immense stress, then it is critical that they seek a health professional.

Adhering To Important Nutrition Requirements

Research shows that it is important to take regular doses of folic acids to lower the chances of premature births and birth defects. Prematurity happens to be a key cause of Cerebral Palsy. Consuming a diet that is rich in folic acid has been shown to reduce the risk of prematurity by 70%. It is also vital to adhere to a diet that helps maintain prenatal vitamins.

Eating right and exercising under the supervision of a doctor is also essential. A child is likely to be born healthy if the mother maintains good health. In some cases, mothers work with their doctors to ensure they maintain a healthy weight and a balanced diet.

Getting Timely Injections

It is advisable that one gets shots against certain diseases such as rubella before getting pregnant. Research shows that the brain of the child gets damaged by vaccines given during pregnancy. Getting such injections can thus cause Cerebral Palsy. To prevent damage to the brain, therefore, it is important to get such immunizations before pregnancy.

For individuals with Cerebral Palsy, one can reduce the severity of symptoms by:

Improving Diet

For individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy, it is important that the diet is high in protein. Consuming a regular diet with high protein composition enhances the body’s capacity for muscle preservation as well as growth.

Participation in Exercise

Over the last decade, researchers have discovered various interventions for individuals with Cerebral Palsy. Among the key interventions is the discovery that it is crucial to enhance the participation of such individuals in muscle strengthening and physical activity. Such interventions are vital to preserving the health of individuals affected by the disease.

All in all, education is primary to the health, security and safety of children everywhere. We remember this in honor of Every Kid Healthy Week, and parents everywhere.

However it’s still important to understand the condition and your options.

While prevention is critical, it’s still increasingly difficult keeping children out of harm’s way. In fact cerebral palsy can be a direct result of medical negligence stemming from issues like early detection and infection. Acquiring a reputable and trustworthy cerebral palsy lawyer helps with both education and potentially lifelong financial assistance.

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