How to overcome frigidity

How to overcome frigidity

Frigidity is also called anorgasmia, because the subject can never reach orgasm. However, he sometimes feels pleasure. Even though the anorgasmic subject is masturbating, no matter how he does it, and even if he uses erotic toys or lubricants, he does not reach an orgasm.

What can be the causes?

First, we place rape at the root of frigidity. After a rape, the victim cannot reach orgasm for years. For fear, abhor, afraid. It is worth mentioning that sometimes, as a result of rape, the victim is trying to change his sexual orientation.

In second place we place abortion. After that, the subject is no longer able to reach organic or psychic orgasms. Psychic can solve the situation, in time and with patience. Organically, no.

In general, two types of frigidity are known and popularized. The first two types of frigidity are: the native one, the one with which you are born and the one acquired, resulting from a trauma. The third is experimental frigidity. There are two types of taxation here: the subject seeks revenge, on the life partner or mentor, which does not allow orgasm from religious causes. Regarding native frigidity, it cannot be treated. Cirillas adult toys online is trying to help by providing some new tools. Regarding the acquired frigidity, the psychologist is the main source of healing.

Here is a concrete example: Subject 25, female, tall, brunette, blue eyes, appealing. Rejected 10 times on hiring for her appearance and the possible romantic issues that may occur in the office. Because of the stress, the subject cannot reach orgasm for 6 months, completely changes her clothes, refuses to take care of her, the purpose being to get hired.

Following the engagement, the psychologist has two issues to resolve, the orgasm and clothing. After 6 months of psychological counseling, the subject returns to the office clothes and accepts the orgasm.  Look at this.

What should a man who has such a partner do?

In the expert’s opinion, the answer to this question can be divided into four.

A. Men who, for one reason or another, form a dysfunctional couple with a frigid partner should wonder how they got to that situation, namely what made them make that choice. The answer generates emotional waves.

In the presence of a psychologist, the subject, who chose in the first phase, unconsciously, a frigid partner, becomes aware of the reasons for making this choice. The first reason for the reasons for this choice is the lack of confidence in their own sexuality and erotic performance.

B. Gay men, who want to retain a certain social image, marry frigid women, with whom they develop friendship and mutual respect.

C. Men who have bad luck to cross this episode for some reason.

D. Impotent men choose just frigid women.

A particular case is represented by women who have refused sexual intercourse or masturbated until the age of 30. In this subjective and particular case, frigidity is a surprise. It can be defeated or accepted only in the presence of a psychologist.

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In the native case, frigidity cannot be overcome. In situation two and three, of acquiring, respectively imposing or punishing, frigidity can only be countered with the help of the psychologist. We have an example: 30-year-old, 1.80-strong, refusing to orgasm from a personal, totally illogical belief. If it reaches the orgasm it encompasses fear and ends up making a panic attack.

How to overcome frigidity

Frigidity (anaphrodisia, sexual anesthesia or feminine anorgasmia) was defined as the absence of libido or the woman’s impossibility to reach orgasm following a vaginal sexual contact with a man. The presence of this sexual disorder creates difficulties in conjugal life through the absence of erotic emotions, sexual sensations in women, making it impossible to produce orgasm. Perpetuation of this state may favor the appearance of animosities among husbands, thus weakening the interrelationships between them and damaging family life.

In some situations, to mask the frigidity they suffer, women mimic the sensation of orgasm during sexual intercourse. The frequency of frigidity, according to various authors, ranges between 30% and 50% with shades and different intensities depending on individual characteristics. In the etiology of frigidity, the decrease or absence of libido can be caused by many causes.


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