Why Modern Electric Fireplaces Are More than Just Good Looks

Why Modern Electric Fireplaces Are More than Just Good Looks

Modern-day homes are now equipped with fireplaces, from traditional ones to modern gas fires to innovative and efficient hearths. The warmth and cosy feeling given off by a fireplace helps make your home the best place to unwind, relax and completely enjoy life.

However, it’s not always that practical to build or install a chimney and have a fresh supply of wood. Unlike the olden days, where a source of fire is meant mainly for heat and cooking, today’s homeowners concern themselves with the aesthetics as well as convenience.

Today, many want the complete package when it comes to picking the right fireplace for their homes. And what better choice that fits the bill than a modern electric fireplace.

This fireplace type is both an attractive and convenient alternative to the traditional hearth. With a push of a button, it brings heat and comfort to your space, without the need for chopping up wood, keeping an eye on the fire and the required upkeep.

Although there are those who believe that an electric hearth is only a “glorified room heater,” well, nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s fireplaces are the product of years of quality improvement and design technology resulting in an innovative product resembling modern gas fires or even traditional wood-burning hearths.

How Do They Work?

High-quality electric fireplaces are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. They’re capable of producing realistic-looking flames and giving off enough heat. But how do they really work?

Thanks to technological advancements, they now use silent fans and heating coils, capable of producing very real heat and then pushing that warmth throughout the room. For realistic-looking flames, with its flicker, a refractor reflects the light emanating from the LED bulbs.

Light coming from the LED bulbs represent, or replace, the real fire. But they look just as good. Other fireplace models are equipped with a device that emits a crackling sound, enhancing the realistic effect of this modern marvel further.

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces

Aesthetic appeal. When customers shop around for fireplaces, they’re immediately impressed by the realistic flames appearing in these modern hearths. Far from just a silent fan and a few heated coils, modern fireplaces have been designed for both realism and ambiance.

Convenience. Unlike traditional wood-burning hearth where you constantly need to tend to the fire, you only need to flip a switch to turn on your electric hearth. And when you don’t need the heat, you can just as easily turn it off. There’s no need for further clean up. It’s that simple and easy.

No venting. This is probably the best part of having an electric hearth—they don’t require any vents.

Easy installation:  Another great advantage is that it can practically be placed in an existing hearth or even hung on the wall. It’s simple and easy to install and will be up and running before you know it.

Safety. Since flame isn’t exactly produced, there’s no chance of anything catching fire. You’ll no longer be worried of embers or sparks popping out of the firebox.

Low maintenance. This couldn’t be emphasised enough—“virtually maintenance free”. Modern electric fireplaces do not have any moving parts that could possibly break or even produce ashes or messy deposits, which require constant upkeep.

Environmental concerns. It radiant heat doesn’t produce toxic smoke, so there’s no harm for either you’re family and the environment.

Final Thoughts

These modern fireplaces can beautify your space, without the need for renovation or venting. They can be installed practically anywhere in the house, from the living room, to the dining room, kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

They are definitely a popular alternative if you’re looking for an excellent product that adds a special and cosy touch to your home when you’re not ready to take on the required upkeep for traditional wood-burning or modern gas fires.

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