Thwart the Thief and Beat The Burglar: Home Security Measures You Can’t Afford to Miss

Thwart the Thief and Beat The Burglar: Home Security Measures You Can't Afford to Miss

Is there anything worse than the idea of an intruder entering your home? A place where your loved ones should feel safe, the place where you keep your possessions that you’ve worked hard for. It’s a terrifying thought, but burglaries are still rife and far too many people come home after being at work or on vacation and find their property has been ransacked. In some worrying cases, burglaries occur while people are asleep in bed. As a homeowner, it’s your job to keep your family safe, and there are plenty of things you can do to keep the bad guys out. Here are just a few ideas to improve your home security.

Upgrade Your Windows and Doors

If your windows and doors are in need of replacement, there are a few great reasons for doing so. First of all, newer models are more energy efficient, so as well as save money on your energy bills you also reduce your carbon footprint. Secondly they look better, and can give your home better kerb appeal and a more pleasing aesthetic. Finally, they’re more secure and can keep burglars at bay. Better locks, reinforced windows and much more will all keep your family and possessions safe. This can be a huge investment but it’s often worth it, you might even find it’s worth remortgaging in some cases. They usually pay for themselves where your heating bill is smaller, and your home insurance costs might be cheaper as a result too.

Thwart the Thief and Beat The Burglar: Home Security Measures You Can't Afford to Miss

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Invest in CCTV and a Burglar Alarm

Two of the very best things you can invest in from a home security point of view, is a high quality CCTV system and a professionally fitted burglar alarm. Both of these things can be monitored via your smartphone these days, so it’s worth spending the extra to allow yourself to do this. Not only do both act as a deterrent (burglars will always weigh up risk vs reward, and if there’s a high chance of them getting caught they won’t usually try it) but if someone does try to get in, its functional too. A burglar alarm will draw attention, and will also alert you via your phone if you have this set up. CCTV can be used to monitor your home remotely, and again a notification can be sent if any movement triggers the cameras. This allows you to call the police quickly, and you also have evidence against the thief. Modern systems are all recorded to the cloud, so there’s no worry of an intruder gaining entry and simply stealing the CCTV tapes.

Get a Dog

You should never get a dog solely for the purpose of guarding your home, these little creatures need love and attention and to feel like part of the family. However if you’re planning on getting a dog anyway (and are in a position to do so) then they can be an excellent form of security against your home. Research has shown time and time again that burglars hate dogs, and if they know that you have one it can be enough to put them off attempting to get into your home and trying somewhere else. Certain breeds make particularly good guard dogs, German Shepherds are one example and as you can see from the puppies are just adorable too! Often used in the police force, this breed is known for its intelligence and loyalty. Bullmastiffs and rottweilers are also good choices, as they might look big and brutish (and scary to an intruder!) but raised properly they make incredible family pets. Your dog barking can alert you if someone is trying to enter your home, and the sound alone can sent thieves running for the hills. As well as the noise generating attention, no one wants to get bitten by a large dog. Put a sign up in your window or on your door stating the dog you have with a warning. You can check out elite protection dogs if you’re looking for a companion who’ll also provide an extra line of defense for your home.

Draw Attention to a Thief

Something as simple as a floodlight can be enough to put off a burglar. Invest in a motion activated light, and adjust the settings so that it stays on for a number of minutes once it’s been set off. That way if a thief wants to try their luck, they don’t have the cover of darkness on their side. It will essentially put a spotlight on them and draw masses of attention which is of course something they don’t want. (Genuineleatherjackets) Other options would be to use pebbles and stones on your front yard, the crunching and shuffling noise from walking on them makes it impossible for a burglar to remain silent. Keep hedges and shrubs low too, they should be no higher than waist height. This way you don’t give criminals something to hide behind while they try to gain access to your property. Don’t allow them to hide in the dark and shadows! Regularly check bulbs and regularly prune back plants.

Put Your Tools Away

Did you know that in a large proportion of cases, burglars gain entry to a home using items in the victims garden, shed or garage? Hammers, crowbars, drills, ladders and more can all make their job much easier. When you’re finished with your tools, they should be put away in a shed, garage or other garden lockup and secured with a heavy duty padlock. Your house might not have been targeted in advance Riot glass, because burglars are opportunist it might have simply been a case of them seeing a ladder in the garden and deciding to take a shot. So don’t make things easier for them.

While insurance can cover the cost of replacing your possessions, it will never change the fact that you feel violated and the idea that someone has been in your home. Stay safe, don’t take the risk. Even if you live in a ‘safe’ neighbourhood, there’s no knowing who criminals will target. Invest in some good home security and ensure it’s used correctly every time.


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