Key Tips On Selecting A Wedding Dress When You Have Tattoos

Key Tips On Selecting A Wedding Dress When You Have Tattoos

People get tattoos for different reasons. While some get a tattoo to honor a loved one or someone who became an essential part of their life, there are those who want to get a tattoo for aesthetic purposes. There are even people who get tattoos because it already became part of their nature. Regardless of the story, The Black Hat Tattoo artists can turn your concept into a reality. Each tattoo is a work of art. When you are in a tattoo parlor and excited to get your tattoo, you do not think of anything else. What matters most is how the tattoo will look once it is done.

Tattoos and Your Wedding

Tattoos are great accessories because they are works of art on your skin. However, some might think they are not appropriate when you show them off during formal events such as weddings. Brides, who have tattoos, are open to showing them off during their special day. Though, some brides want to cover them up during their wedding day.

How to Cover Up a Tattoo During Your Wedding

Being a bride with noticeable tattoos may be tough, especially if you want to cover them up during the most memorable day of your life. You may find it challenging to find ways to camouflage the inks on your skin. However, these tips can make it a little easier:

  • Use drugstore makeup. You do not need to use expensive makeup and skin products to cover your tattoos. You can purchase what you need from your local drugstores. You can follow these easy steps on how to hide your tattoos using makeup:
  1. Shave the tattooed area. If the tattooed area such as the legs, feet, hands, arms, and back, you can shave it. The makeup and concealment can be noticeable when there are hair strands on the area.
  2. Apply a primer. Use a cheap primer to prep your skin for the heavy makeup you are going to use on it. The absence of a primer may dry your skin, resulting in a “cakey” or flakey cover up.
  3. Apply foundation. Your foundation should be close to your skin tone. The foundation helps the eyeshadow to stick to your skin better.
  4. Choose your skin tone and apply eyeshadow. You need to choose if your skin is more on the orange side or on the pink side. You need to use an eyeshadow based on your skin tone and apply it on your tattoo.
  5. Spray with some hairspray. Once you are done with the first layer, spray on the hairspray to the tattoo area.
  6. Repeat steps 4 to 5 until you are satisfied with the blending. Continue to do steps 4 and 5 until you are sure all the area is covered.
  7. Apply concealer. Once the hairspray is dry, you can apply the concealer and work on your blending. You must ensure that the tattoo is covered and does not look like a weird patch on your skin.
  8. Apply setting powder. Finally, you can apply the setting powder to help keep the makeup on for an extended period or until the wedding ceremony is over.
  • Choose the right wedding dress. If you do not have a way with makeup, you can just choose a wedding dress that can help conceal your tattoo.

Selecting a Wedding Dress When You Have Tattoos

Key Tips On Selecting A Wedding Dress When You Have Tattoos zip upChoosing the right wedding dress for your special day is essential. You must feel magical and beautiful in your wedding dress, and at the same time, you should be comfortable in it.

Having tattoos can make the wedding dress search even more difficult, especially if you want to cover them. These are some advice on choosing the ideal dress for your wedding that can conceal your tattoos:

  • For sleeve tattoos: If you have partial or sleeve tattoos, it is recommendable to select a wedding dress with sleeves. The sleeves may be short or long, depending on your tattoo. Off shoulder cuts are suitable. You can also choose a gown with lace sleeves to give you a more feminine and elegant look.
  • For back tattoos: If you have a back tattoo, but you wish to wear a backless dress for your wedding, you still can. You can choose a dress that has a style that can cover your back tattoo along your spine. For brides with full-back tattoos, you may opt for a dress that has decals and accents that can provide coverage.
  • For chest tattoos: It is easy to cover small chest tattoos. In fact, the bride can just show it off during the wedding. For brides with large and noticeable inks, they can choose an asymmetrical neckline or a dress that can completely cover their tattoos. For a more elegant look, lace designs can also help provide some form of camouflage for the tattoos.

Tattoos are accessories and symbols that tell a story about you. They are worth showing off; however, if you feel like hiding them on your wedding day, you need to think of creative ways on how to conceal them.

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