Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

Floor lamps do not only add light to the house but these are essential for making your house beautiful. Floor lamps add adequate aesthetics to the house. If you had spent childhood when floor lamps were popular then you would have some decent memory attached to it. Even now, floor lamps manufacturers have transformed the concept of floor lamp designs completely. There are some floor lamps available which you would like much. Antique, stylish, sophisticated, vintage and modern are some famous floor lamp types. There are 5 floor lamps that would transform your house beauty.

Utecht 74″ Tree Floor Lamp Base

Utecht tree floor lamp is designed by Brayden Studio. This floor lamp contains 3 arching drum type shades which provide sophistication and mod appeal to it. This floor lamp has been manufactured from stainless steel. Fine sharp appearance is because of stainless steel material. It creates a warm glowing light in the living space therefore when placed with a comfy tufted loveseat and group of clean-lined seats.

For creating the outstanding look of your bedroom or living, place this floor lamp in the empty corner of your space and hang up a suiting chandelier. You can also place this lamp near to standing desk in your study room or in your big office room to get the good effects of light. This bright effect will increase the beauty of your any room. It will also extract ambient appearance of your bedroom.

Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

Crystal 72″ LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Make your space glowing with this whimsical floor lamp designed by Alcot Hill. This floor lamp is lavishly designed to give the perfect modern look. It is made by gently rounded metal along with oil rubbed finish. It presents the look of a branch stem with leaves as lights. To beautifully adjust it in your living space, start by rolling out the rug to define the room space then adjust it on one side of Lawson sofa and wood table on the other side. If you are planning to study during the night then you can rotate or adjust its smaller light in 360-degree rotation.

Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

Velay Pharmacy 58″ Floor Lamp

Whether you are looking for giving your home classic look or you just need a simple long stick light to enlighten your room, this Velay Pharmacy floor lamp is designed just for you. Underneath a dome-shaped shade, huge light is fixed. This floor lamp is available in different fine finishes to make it sure that you are getting exactly the same thing as you required. It is lightweight floor lamp so you can adjust it anywhere you want. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to adjust its height as well and Read more.

Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

Alisson 88″ Tree Floor Lamp

This is wonderful floor lamp that creates dramatic appearance just due to its structure and shades. This floor lamp will fully light up your room with five lights that it contains. It uses stainless steel for its manufacturing metal which provides sleek and shining surface of the lamp. This lamp branches out like a tree into five lights. All the lights are attached to gentle steel strings which are strong and resilient. Additionally, you can place this lamp in a room where the purpose is to create a little bit of classy look and produce much light.

Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

Florance 61″ Swing Arm Floor Lamp

This rustic floor lamp design has been manufactured by Beachrest Home. For rustic home design lovers, this floor lamp is perfect to match the overall house design. Its unique shade adds a traditional flavor to your home. For creating a cohesive aesthetical effect, place it beside the wooden sofa and chairs. You will stay astonished after experiencing its beautiful effects on the house. This is purely a floor lamp that could transform your house. It is even available at reduced price of $123.99.

Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

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Decor Trends: 5 Floor Lamps That Transform Your House

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