Services You Can Get from a Modern Locksmith!

Services You Can Get from a Modern Locksmith!

It is very important to ensure that we keep our property and belongings safe at all times. There are various devices which are designed for this purpose. One of the most common is the lock. There are many types of locks in the market. Some are of high capability while others are regular. These locks are designed and repaired by technicians known as locksmiths. In addition to this, the locksmiths provide a number of other services. Read on to discover them.

Services provided by locksmiths

Locksmiths can get the keys out of your car if you lock them inside by mistake. They have the necessary equipment to open up the car and get the keys out. They can also change the locks if you move into a new apartment. The technicians stock various kinds of door locks which they can install for you.

Locksmiths can create a new key if you lose the one to your lock. They can disassemble your lock, analyze it and make a key that fits. In addition to that, locksmiths can duplicate keys. If you should require a high-security lock such as a deadbolt, a locksmith can facilitate it. These technicians can provide support through the process of picking an appropriate deadbolt for your door or safe. After that, they can assemble and install it.

Categories of locksmith services

Locksmith services are generally divided into four categories. They include:

  1. Commercial services
  2. Residential services
  3. Automotive services
  4. Electronic services

Commercial services

These are the services which are provided to businesses and industrial facilities. They are often large scale, time-consuming and require a lot of resources. This type of services includes the provision of commercial safes, installation of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), provision of panic hardware and installing overhead, concealed closer mechanisms. Intercom system design and installation is also under the purview of commercial locksmith services.

Residential services

These services are rendered in homes or domestic premises. In most cases, the services rendered are completed in a short period of time. In addition to that, they do not require many resources. In homes, locksmiths can install safes, gates for your windows, alarm systems and CCTV surveillance systems. Additionally, specialized entry door locks and fire alarms can be installed in residential homes by a Long Island Locksmith.

Automotive services

Our cars are unlocked and ignited using keys. There are special keys used for this purpose. Locksmiths can replace, fix and cut automobile keys. They rely on dedicated machines to perform this task. In the automotive category, locksmiths can provide transponder or computer chip keys, keyless entry fobs and motorcycle keys as well. They also perform trunk lockouts and can repair the ignition system.

Electronic services

Digital locking systems are used to keep property safe today. Locksmiths can install, fix and replace electronic locks. They can deal with card access locks, intercoms, buzzers and telephone locking systems.


Locksmiths can handle various elements that deal with security. Prior to every job, they perform a reconnaissance of the site. They also provide the client with a quotation of how much the job will cost.


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