5 Surprisingly Lucrative Careers That Don’t Require A Degree

5 Surprisingly Lucrative Careers That Don’t Require A Degree

Does the thought of continuing in education after high school leave you cold? It used to be the case that young adults were pushed to pursue degrees after their formal education; but we’re now seeing an emphasis on experience over qualifications in the hiring process.

If you thought you would be restricted to low-income jobs without a degree, this is not so. As long as you have enthusiasm to learn and progress up the career ladder in your chosen field, there’s no reason you won’t end up making as much money as your university-educated peers.

Here are the top 5 most lucrative careers that you don’t need a degree to enter – we hope you get some inspiration to help you along your career path.

  1. Air Traffic Control

National Air Traffic Services (NATS) in the UK, and similar organizations in the US, run courses that span less than a year and will pay around $17,000 a year while you qualify (which is fine if you can live with your parents meanwhile). After you’ve completed your training you could be earning upwards of $57,000, and eventually taking home $120,000 in a senior position.

Being an air traffic controller or assistant is a highly technical job, and the pay reflects this. Skills required in the job include confidence, decisiveness, aptitude for mathematics and spatial awareness.

  1. Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales managers can command up to $140,000 a year… and you don’t need to have completed any higher education to get there.

If you can talk the talk, seal those sales and create effective marketing campaigns, you could see yourself rise up the ranks from a starting salary of about $25,000. These fields usually require you to begin as an intern or assistant, but if you’re good at your job there is easy scope for progression. To get into marketing, it helps to be social media savvy and very particular with grammar. Any multimedia skills are a huge plus.

  1. Manual Labor

Plumbers, electricians and construction workers can make a very handsome living by being great at their job and cultivating excellent customer relationships. Much of manual labor work comes from word of mouth and recommendation, so laborers who listen to clients and perform their tasks to the highest standards are rewarded with the highest salaries.

Construction workers can gain more responsibility by obtaining a contractor license. These vary from state to state, so check out the difference in requirements in your area. In North Carolina it’s essential to work with a NC contractor license on projects exceeding $30,000 in costs. With a license, you can become a site manager and gain better pay.

  1. Commodities Trading

A commodities trader’s average salary will be in the region of $84,000 – not bad for someone who never went to college. The Big City is always on the lookout for sprightly, enthusiastic brokers straight out of school; who possess an aptitude for numbers, the gift of the gab and a knack for getting what they want.

Before you’re let loose to start stock broking, though, you’ll need training up through the Financial Conduct Authority or the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. Check out their courses today.

  1. Entrepreneur

If you’ve got a big idea and a fervent work ethic, there’s no limit to how much money you could make as an entrepreneur. Start looking for your gap in the market now or join today’s very successful digital entrepreneurial sphere, which will only grow as the technological age progresses.

Identify your dream job and make a living out of your skills and passions. If you’ve got what it takes to be your own boss, you’ll end up in the enviable position of having a job you love and answering to nobody but yourself. You can eventually grow your business to employ staff, and even expand internationally. Also, you can try your hand at cdr writing services if freelancing is the way to go for you!


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