How to Keep Your Home Stylish and Toddler Friendly

How to Keep Your Home Stylish and Toddler Friendly

Keeping your home looking stylish with young children around was never going to be easy. Constant mess and loss of personal space are among the most common complaints among parents of young children, and most of them inevitably give in to the tirade of plastic clutter and crayoned walls their children leave in their wake. Before you wave goodbye to your dreams of domestic tranquility, however, know that although mess is an inevitable part of family life, there are ways to keep your home looking fresh. Here are four tips to help design-minded parents reclaim their space.

Area Rugs are Your Friends

Area rugs have many benefits. Not only can they transform the look of a room, insulate your flooring and bring color to an otherwise stark space, they also create perfect play zones for kids. Forget buying fancy baby gyms and ugly plastic play mats; a beautiful rug and some stylish toy storage are all you need for fun and safe playtime that doesn’t detract from your style. Y Living has some lovely modern designs for kids rugs that come in a variety of sizes to suit any space. You can buy contemporary area rugs online for your living room, entryway, nursery or any other area of your house that your kids use frequently.

Buy a Low-Maintenance Couch

Perhaps you found out the hard way that white furnishings and toddlers don’t mix, or maybe you’re already preempting those sticky fingers and muddy feet. Either way, unless you want to spend your life trying (and failing) to keep your kids away from your couch, you’re going to want to invest in something a little lower maintenance. Leather chairs are ideal because their surfaces can be wiped clean. Alternatively, you could opt for durable microfiber, which is great at resisting stains. If your budget is tight, you could buy a washable couch cover to protect the fabric.

Work Toys Into Your Décor

Kids love wooden toys, especially pull-along animals and shape sorters. The fact that these toys look good on your shelves is simply an added bonus. You can make your home look 10 times better by keeping plastic figures and games (we all have them) stored away when they’re not being used, and leaving stylish toys on display to enhance your décor. You can also set rules, such as no toys in adult spaces, such as your bedroom, so you have a space that’s just your own.

Forget Perfection

If you want your home to look perfect all the time, you’re going to spend your life feeling frustrated – at least until your children are older. Understand that kids are going to be kids, and that family life comes with certain paraphernalia that isn’t always attractive to look at. Investing in stylish storage boxes, buying beautiful-looking toys and keeping at least one room a child-free zone are all ways to minimize the stress of an untidy home, but it’s also important to embrace family life and try to integrate it into your style.


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