How to Prevent Suicide and Keep a Loved One Safe

How to Prevent Suicide and Keep a Loved One Safe


Those who commit suicide often show signs of wanting to end their lives before they make the decision do it. This also poses a higher demand for suicide cleanup. If a person is exhibiting a number of the most common signs, there’s a higher chance that they’ll end up committing suicide in the future. There are some signs you should be aware of if you happen to think a family member or friend is contemplating suicide.

Those who are contemplating this action may believe they’re a burden. They may feel like they don’t have a purpose or reason to continue living. There’s a possibility that someone in your life has even discussed the possibility of ending their life at some point or another. If someone is constantly complaining about their life and talking about how they don’t want to live any longer, they could be at risk of committing suicide.

Sometimes people who have suicidal thoughts start to use drugs and alcohol. They may begin looking online to find out more information on how to effectively put a stop to their life. If a person seems to be isolating themselves, acting unusual, giving away items that mean something to them, and suddenly having a lot of mood swings, there’s a possibility that suicide is on their mind.

Those who are suicidal are typically depressed. They may no longer have an interest in participating in the activities they once enjoyed. They may seem irritable and anxious all the time.

How to Help Someone With Their Emotional Issues

How to Prevent Suicide and Keep a Loved One SafeIf you’d like to help someone you’re concerned about, you should start by asking them how they feel. It doesn’t hurt to say, “Have you been contemplating suicide?” Although it may seem like a blunt question to ask, you need to know the answer so that you can help the person in need.

If this person confides in you, make sure to listen to what they’re saying to you. They may explain why they’re feeling so down and depressed that they’re thinking of ending their life. It’s possible that discussing things with this individual could keep him or her from harming themselves, which is a great thing. If you can potentially keep someone safe, you’ll have done a great job as a friend and as a human being.

Provide the individual with information on different resources, such as the National Suicide Prevention Line. The number to the line is 1-800-273-8255. In addition to providing this resource, you can make sure to continue checking on the individual and following up with them to make sure they’re seeking help for the way that they feel.

How to Prevent Suicide and Keep a Loved One Safe


Some studies show people are less likely to commit suicide if someone checks up on them to make sure they’re doing alright. It proves that they have someone who cares enough about them to make sure they didn’t cause any harm to themselves. Always have the suicide prevention line stored in your phone in case you ever need to call the number at some point.

Not only is there a phone number to call, but there’s a crisis text line available. You could provide the individual with the number to the text line, which is 741741. The text line may be better for those who don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone about their problems.

It’s possible to get help. Most people don’t realize that anyone can suffer from suicidal thoughts, including both adults and kids. In the year 2013, more than 42,000 people chose to end their own lives. Unfortunately, it’s one of the many common causes of death in the United States.

Studies show many people living in the United States would like to receive mental health care. However, they may not be able to find suitable care, or they may not be able to afford it. Most Americans believe it’s possible to prevent suicide from taking place. A total of 93 percent of adults living in the United States agree they’d do what they could to help someone who told them they were feeling suicidal.

Groups of adults who were surveyed responded to a few different questions pertaining to suicide. Of those adults, nearly 67 percent said they’d let someone know if they were feeling suicidal. However, the survey showed women were more willing to talk about feeling suicidal to their loved ones than men. Some men would prefer to keep it a secret instead of opening up about their feelings.

The most important thing for anyone to remember is that it’s possible to prevent suicide. If you feel like someone in your life is suicidal, talk to them, listen to them, and try to get them the help they likely need.


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