How To Find Your Strength In The New Year

How To Find Your Strength In The New Year

The New Year brings a lot of hope, self reflection, and change with resolutions and promises for yourself. Sometimes it can be tough to recognize what you want to improve and where you need help. It takes time to find and build strength allowing yourself to see your full potential.

So the question is, how can you find what you are strong at? There are many ways to seek the answer and a few of these tips below will help you find your strengths to make it your best year yet!

1. Ask for Feedback

Finding strength starts with who you know best. A co-worker, friend, family member, loved one, and even your neighbor can help you seek answers. Ask 5-20 people who know you well to recall a time when you were at your very best. Look for the common themes that arise in their stories and make a list of them. Use those words to make a profile of who you are when you are at your very best and create an action plan on how to utilize your strengths in your everyday life.

2. Self-Knowledge

To find strength you have to really know and identify yourself. A lot of the time people do not self reflect on who they are or care to know about their inner peace. Numerology helps guide you to a greater self-knowledge, by revealing patterns and empowering you to make positive choices. It’s important to know your inner skills which help your self-understanding and acceptance. There are many videos, podcasts, blog posts, and advice from numerologists that discover solutions for the problems that challenge you.

3. What Motivates You

Take some time to reflect on what motivates you. Motivation is key to finding your inner most strength. Get a journal and write down how you feel when you are energized and motivated. Take times in your life when you were feeling confident or inspired to take on the world. Continue to use your journal and write down anytime you feel inspired and motivated. The areas that motivate you are where you are strongest and you can carry them with you into the new year.

4. Where Can You Grow

Sometimes in order to find your strength you need to look at your weaknesses. Areas where you learned “life lessons” are a good place to start. Take a look at your professional career or social skills and make a list. With this list, reflect on those times and make an effort to overcome them. Making an effort to overcome a lack of skills you perceive in yourself will build strength and awareness to your “lessons from life.”

5. Be Honest

Being honest with yourself and others helps build an inner confidence and strength. Take time to reflect on job interviews you have had and think of your answers when you were asked what your strengths were. Having the social skills with others is an important skill set for jobs, relationships, and every day life. Learn to be comfortable when you are being honest. Do not feel the need to prove yourself to anyone but you. Once you exhibit honesty, you will begin to gain confidence and a whole new feeling of strength.

Having a New Year to find strength is an exciting prospect. It is a new beginning, sense of hope and self awareness. Knowing you are strong will allow you to be confident with others and most importantly, yourself. From figuring out what motivates you, to what specific qualities you posses that are strengths, will help you in all the aspects of your life. These tips and exercises will help you gain self-knowledge to allow you to find that extra boost of strength you are looking for!


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