Home Decor Ideas When Staging Your Home

Home Decor Ideas When Staging Your Home

Staging your home is an important process. It must be treated carefully and with a lot of thought. Most people don’t really know how to prepare for this, or how to actually do it in the first place. That is why we’re giving you several great ideas that will make your home pop and intrigue everyone that walks in there.

Take your furniture, and instead of pushing it up against the wall or anything of that sort, find a few places where you can put your furniture close together. Make it so that one family can sit on the sofa to the left, and the other family can sit on the sofa to the right, and they can have a conversation together. This makes your home feel far more peaceful and open than it would if all of the furniture was pushed towards the wall.chunks of Himalayan salt

We all have a few rooms in our home that don’t really serve a purpose. It’s just there to gather junk and things that we don’t really care about. Most of us, when staging our homes, have no idea what to do with those spaces. What you do is you take a piece of furniture – a simple office chair would work – and then you add things that go with that. You take that and then you add a desk or a table, and then a lamp. There, now you have an office. With the addition of a few little pieces here and there, each room can be transformed into something of value.

Color is big. This takes quite a bit of time, but if you are willing to do it, take each room of your house that lacks any sort of inviting color, and repaint it. Give it warm and inviting colors such as hues of red and orange and brown. This does two things. It makes the person viewing the home feel far more relaxed – and there is science to prove this – and it takes a space that may normally appear univitiing and rather bland, like a kitchen, and it turns that space into something far more interesting. This simple, albeit somewhat time intensive, idea is very easy to go about doing and the results are very impressive.

Most people stage their homes in a way that is very similar to everyone else. Case in point, most of the time the art is placed in a few select spots and is made to look as generic as possible. If you take some time to be creative with the framing/staging of your art, you can make it really pop out and people will notice the other unique facets of your home. This is far more intriguing than if the placement of your art was the same as everyone else’s.

Flowers. Put flowers all around the home. Flowers. Plants. Anything from a garden. On a scientific level, smelling flower releases hormones that make us feel better. That, and they just look really nice.

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