Dr Oz: His Take On HCG

Dr Oz: His Take On HCG

Who is Dr Oz?

Doctor Mehmet Oz is a qualified health expert with who has credits on both The Oprah Winfrey Show and his own primetime exhibit: Dr Oz. His show consists of weekday discussions to an audience that is based on health-and-physicality concerns. His work consists of diving into subjects of variety and involving his audience in addressing issues and information of countless weight-loss programs, dietary concerns, exercise, diseases, and sexual intercourse. He is a figure of public recognition when it comes to any health related topics. Dr Oz has done extensive research on the HCG Diet, and here’s what he has to say on it.

What He Has To Say

Throughout his own experimentation with the hormonal supplement, Dr Oz assisted a group of users who all swear by the effectiveness of HCG as a patented, successful weight loss program. He himself also used injection-based HCG and found himself not exactly finding issues with the hormone, but his ability in order to stick to a 500 a day calorie intake, which he considered extremely unsafe when paired with a 1,000 calorie a day which he believed would still improve weight loss.

His Breakdown Of HCG

He was given a breakdown of HCG by a HCG advocate; Sherry Emma, a qualified doctor who administers HCG to a range of patients. Sherry countered Dr Oz’s 1,000 calorie argument by stating that the HCG diet does not just focus on using energy from 500 calories but with the recess fat stores as well, and with this approach there is more of a chance of positive, expedient effects.

His Opinion On HCG’s Effectiveness

Dr Oz’s opinion on the HCG diet is that while the parameters are somewhat extreme, it is a successful way to hormonally curb your hunger. While there are some counter-arguments that the HCG diet is merely a placebo, Dr Oz has stated that, with the influence of esteemed cardiologists and professional medical staff that the HCG Diet can work but should only be undertaken by the supervision of a medical professional.

Dr Oz states that the HCG Diet should only be administered by professionals and that as a weight loss program it can only be effective if patients stick to the guidelines that the diet is set. And, it has to be followed while taking HCG drops. Else your hunger hormone demands more intake. Make sure to read this tutorial in finding best diet drops. His final statement on the HCG injections as a whole was that it is simply a gateway to proper weight loss and is a pathway of revolutionising how we approach and perceive weight loss programs going forward.

In Conclusion

Dr Oz stated that while there are dividing opinions on the effectiveness of HCG, it is a well-balanced, miraculous diet which has a high yield rate as well as multiple users who will swear by its process. However he believed that it is a diet which should only be undertaken with supervision of professionals and the guidelines of it should be stuck to strictly, as any other deviation of the process will not give the patient results which they are striving for. Dr Oz completely backs HCG hormonal injections.


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