Could You Live In A Tiny House

Could You Live In A Tiny House
Could You Live In A Tiny House

Could You Live In A Tiny House

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The idea of deliberately making your home as small as possible will probably be foreign to most people. More commonly, homeowners will work very hard to make their home bigger, not choose to go for something as little as they can. Of course, though, tiny homes are becoming more and more popular. With this movement well and truly cemented, it could be that there really is something to this method of housing. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the benefits of a tiny home. But, first, it’s a good idea to consider the bad side.

The Big Drawback: Space

Having a small home will always limit your the most when it comes to space. It will surprise you just how much you’ve been able to fit into your home over the years, with most people finding it hard to downsize once they’ve lived somewhere for a long time. Solving this issue is often a simple matter of using clever storage, but you may also need to get rid of some things.

The issue of space becomes even harder when you’re not living by yourself, as being cooped up with other people can often be very stressful. Living in close quarters will always test the relationships you have, especially with children in the picture. This can make it worthwhile to avoid this sort of method of living if you have a family on the way.

The Other Issues

Along with the issue of space, most people will find it hard to get their hands on a suitable tiny home which has already been built. Instead, in most cases, these sorts of properties will have to be purpose built, and this will take a lot of work. Thankfully, though, it’s still a lot cheaper than buying or building a traditional home, making them more attractive than they could be.

Moving there will be the next part of the battle, as you will almost certainly be downsizing. A good moving company will be able to give you some help, providing a great way to easily transport your possessions. Along with this, though, you’ll also need to find a way to get rid of a lot of your possessions, and this could take some time.

Although you’ll probably want to spend many years in your tiny home, it’s always worth thinking about how easy it will be to sell a property before you pay for it. In the case of a place like this, you will be limiting yourself to a very small pool of potential buyers. This can make it hard to get rid of the place quickly, and this will be enough to put a lot of people off, as it will impact them long into the future.

Why Is It Done?

Of course, the world of tiny homes isn’t all doom and gloom, though, and a lot of people would argue that the benefits outweigh the issues you might find. You will have to decide this for yourself, but you can find some tips below to help you out.

  • Money: Having a smaller home means you need less land, making the price of the building itself go down massively. Along with this, though, a tiny house will also use less power than a normal one, lowering the amount you will have to spend on bills. Of course, using less fuel will also be better for the environment, giving you the ability to find two sets of benefits.


  • Ethics: While owning a home with a smaller footprint will save you money, it could also be the most ethical choice you have out there. Not a lot of people think about the disparity in living conditions around the world. Even in your home country, there will almost certainly be a large homeless population. Smaller homes are a large part of the solution to this sort of issue.


  • Beauty: Finally, as the last benefit to consider, a lot of people love the look of these smaller buildings. Thanks to their size, it can be much easier to choose interesting shapes for a structure like this. With a quick browse of a site like Pinterest, you will quickly see just how many different designs are around for a home like this.

It can be hard to find reasons to look for a smaller home, let alone choosing something which is deliberately as small as possible. But, in the modern world, new solutions have to be found for the problems society faces. Tiny homes don’t fill in the whole picture, but they can still have a huge impact down the line.




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