Falling Asleep? Here’s How You Can Enjoy Brighter Mornings

Falling Asleep? Here’s How You Can Enjoy Brighter Mornings
Falling Asleep? Here’s How You Can Enjoy Brighter Mornings

When you wake up to a view of pitch blackness, it can be rather tough to get up and feel energized in the mornings. Summer has us excited about the cute outfits we can throw on, and the person who greets us in the mirror is lightly tanned and generally happy – not at all like that grumpy and tired face you’re seeing these days.

Do yourself a favor this season and make your mornings brighter, better, and worth getting up for. It won’t keep the temperatures from dropping, though, but at least you can tap yourself a bath and listen to the rain in the meantime.

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Get some light therapy

Even if you feel in need of heavy rather than light therapy, you can still benefit from the brightness of a sun lamp. They come in all costs and sizes, by the way, and you can even get one of those that works as an alarm clock, bathing your bedroom in glorious light as you wake up.

A lot of people struggle with seasonal depression and, if you feel especially sluggish during the darker months of the year, this might be one of the best investments you’ll make in a while. Not just because it wakes you up in one go and brightens your mood significantly, but also due to the fact that you may be able to fall asleep a bit easier.

You can find various lights for any kind of purpose, by the way, such as when you need to focus a bit more or just to pick up your mood.

Find something to get up for

When we’re warm, cozy, and our brain is still half-asleep, it’s incredibly easy to convince ourselves to stay there for just a bit more. Who knows what kind of problems the world will toss at us as soon as we get up, in any way?

Since it’s a simple task to convince ourselves that we’re better off staying in bed on a cold and dark morning, it’s helpful to have something you’d actually like to get up for.

How about a warm, creamy cappuccino, for example? Treat yourself to a proper coffee machine, a luxuriously soft robe, and a proper heating system this season; it will be so much easier to get up when you know that your home is warm, friendly, and filled with aromas of roasted coffee beans.

Hydrate and get moving

Now that you’re out of bed, had your morning brew, and realized that the world is not so dark and gloomy after all, it’s time to get hydrated. Even if you prefer tea or coffee to wake you up, you still need to hydrate with pure water. Drink a large glass, open up the windows to get some fresh air, and do whatever morning stretches or exercises you feel able to.

The best time to exercise is when we have enough energy for it, so don’t push yourself out on a morning jog unless you’re actually up for the challenge.

We usually have more energy after having been up for an hour or two, and you can easily get away with a few sun salutations or some simple stretches as a quick morning workout.

It will give you more energy too, which is exactly what you need during these dark months.



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