Making Your Home A Calmer Space For All

Making Your Home A Calmer Space For All

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Keeping your home a calm space is important in the 21st century. Our lives are busier than they have ever been, and so it’s important that we’re able to disconnect ourselves from our work when we come home to enjoy time to ourselves and with our families, getting back to who we really are! But what can we do to make it so? Well, if you read on, you can find out!

Painting Neutral Colored Rooms

Neutral colored rooms is one of the best ways to make a house a calm space. The color of the paint on your walls dictates the mood and tone of a room, which means that it’s very important to get it right the first time! For example, if you walk into a room and the walls have been painted a bright yellow, it’s going to be harsh and not allow you to relax properly because of the harshness and in your face quality of the color. Buying neutral colours such as whites and greys and other light colors means that you’re not going to have a distracting wall color in a room so you can walk into it and relax properly!

Storing Everything Properly

Having a messy home is one of the biggest factors in how calm it feels. We’ve all been there, having a messy kitchen or living room because not everything has been properly put away, we all do it! However, we can all do something about it too. Having mess everywhere creates a tense atmosphere which as you can probably guess does not contribute well to a calm atmosphere! This is why it’s a good idea to buy plastic storage boxes for you to put everything in. Whether it’s the kids toys or old ornaments that you’ve not gotten round to sorting properly yet, this gives you somewhere to put it all out of the way.


Gemstones are a brilliant way of bringing a little slice of peace and tranquility to a room. You can tailor the stones to what you believe the room needs; for example Labradorite’s meaning and symbolism is wrapped up in intuition, creativity and spiritual health. Regardless of a stone’s purported health and spiritual benefits, the aesthetic benefits a gemstone brings to a room are undeniable! Without being flashy, they bring a tranquil little eye-catcher to a room, allowing your mind to relax a moment as you consider their enchanting forms.

All of these things are brilliant for creating a calmer space for you to live in. Repaint your walls in a neutral colour that aren’t going to offend your eyes and distract you from your hard earned relaxation, keep everything properly put away in plastic storage containers that you can slide out of the way and put some gemstones around your house to add to the calming aesthetic even more!  Something we’ve not covered here that also contributes to the calming feeling of your house is your bedroom, more specifically your mattress! If you can’t get a good night’s sleep then you’re not going to feel very calm at all, so read this to determine whether to not it’s time to get rid.


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