Adulting 101: Organisational hacks to streamline your life

Adulting 101: Organisational hacks to streamline your life

Big and small, time saving tips are the cornerstone of those envious people whose lives seem to run like clockwork with little effort on their behalf! See below for our selection of some of the best.

Meal planning

Assuming that we all want at least a semi-decent approach to our health, being organised ahead of time with meals will save money, your tastebuds and your waistline! A meal plan can be as simple as writing a list of what you’re roughly thinking for lunches and dinners every day for a week. Other people are more fastidious in their approach and cross reference what is in their pantry and what they will need to buy in order to make these meals a reality. Good old pen and paper does the trick, but online spreadsheets are even better as other house members can access if they are stored in the cloud and even pick up missing grocery items if they’re near the shops. For the even more tech savvy, check out some meal planning apps – start with free versions and pay for one that works best for you.

Personal Admin

The predictable drudgery of paperwork or e-paperwork affects us all.

If you aren’t quite at the stage of having a PA to fetch you coffee and answer the door, there are still ways to outsource your menial tasks online. Virtual PAs exist across most of the major freelancing websites or you could choose to outsource one-off tasks that you lack time to address, like choosing a new health fund for example. Loading a bunch of things onto Ebay is some people’s pet hate, but there are oodles of people who will willingly do it for a small fee. Our favourite is the outsourcing of complaints and dispute resolution with annoying corporates…. it really shouldn’t be that difficult to resolve Telco issues in Australia, but now you can get results without raising your cortisol.

Kitchen Hacks

Frustration runs high when you need to sift through 3 cupboards to find a lid and another for the matching pot.

Some of the best ways to streamline your cooking experiences include: freezing fresh herbs in portions of oil, kitchen rails or pegboards for utensils and pots, lever arch folder storage in pantries for cans and hanging baskets in the under sink cupboard for cleaning product organisation.

If you have kids, giving them their own mess cupboard is an exceptional hack. Here they can open, pull out, mess up and hide their valuables. Best to be filled with Tupperware and silicon utensils and it’s a great way to get toddlers especially to ‘help’ in the kitchen.

Design wise, the work triangle configuration of your kitchen layout is still considered the most effective. Here you’ll want the stove, sink and fridge to be close, but not too closely installed near each other. If you have a larger space to work with, consider breaking up the layout into zones, where eating, cleaning, preparing and cooking all have dedicated areas.


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