The rising popularity of Golf Breaks

The rising popularity of Golf Breaks

Planning for golf holidays is not always easy because of constraints of time. While the attraction of golfing seems irresistible, matching it with proper holiday duration is not always possible.  While vacationing is the only way to break away from the humdrum routine of stressful life, it often turns out that you have a tiny window of a holiday. There are many commitments and responsibilities in life that make it even harder to make both ends meet when you think about golf tours. While it would be ideal to spend about a week on vacation as you Tee to your heart’s desire, in many instances, you must be ready to make compromises with the trip duration by keeping it short. It is just like the commercial break on television shows that gives reprieve and relief that life occasionally demands.

Mini golf tours

When you find yourself too much tied up in life, you have to accept that something is better than nothing. Make the best use of the two, three or four days available for vacation and blend it with your golfing desires to set up an ideal break. Create the much-needed breathing space in life as you soak in your golfing skills, relaxing at some of the exotic golf courses that host the mini golf tour for you. The good news is that almost all the best golf locations and resorts welcome travellers and avid golfers, who have to be happy with golf breaks.

Budget friendly packages

 For all practical purposes, it is more convenient to set up a mini golf tour for which the resorts and clubs offer pocket-friendly packages. They encourage golfers to indulge in the game whenever time permits, no matter how short the trip might last.  There are places where you find resorts and clubs offering holiday packages for three nights with four rounds of golfing within $400 per person.  Similar packages with three rounds of golfing facility and staying are also available at a much lower price. Smaller packages are also available.

Short tours are becoming popular

Since people are mostly facing problems in squeezing time for extended holidays, the concept of short golf tours is gaining popularity.  Most of the resorts and clubs have created packages to accommodate people on short trips that give them the opportunity of breaking away from routine briefly while relaxing in the best-loved activity of golfing. The resorts earmark specified golf courses for short tours so that there is always something available for golfers at short notice.

Packages are widely similar

In recent years, France has become the most sought after destination for mini golf tours. Typically you will be offered a standard package of two nights including breakfast and bed along with two rounds golf. It is an ideal weekend package too when you need not wait for getting your leave sanctioned.  The package is same even in the UK, but you get the added facility of free ferry service.

If you are inclined in relaxing through golfing even briefly, then the mini golf tour is ideal for you.


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