DIY Home Repairs For The Fall Of 2017

Home Repair featured painting

When summer turns to fall, it’s time to do the opposite of spring cleaning, bundle up and make sure everything’s in working order for the cold winter months ahead. Home owners know that there is a need to be vigilant when it comes to finalizing all repairs before the temperatures drop. Here are some ideas on how to repair and prepare your home for the change of seasons. Do it yourself and save some cash while ensuring that your property is functional all winter long.

Home Repair fireplace

Check Heating Systems

While this is one of the simplest steps, it is also the most vital. If you use a fireplace, it needs to be cleaned and the chimney checked for obstructions. Furnaces need to be tested, filters replaced, and ducts cleared out of any dust. Making sure your heating system is in tip-top shape and operational will spare you costly repairs during heating season. In order to get optimal results from your heating system, check that hot air is not leaking out of your home through small openings around windows and doors. Inspect the windows and doors to make sure that there isn’t a draft. Replace any damaged frames and seal small cracks with spray foam.

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Check For Pests

Critters are also looking for a warm place to spend the winter. You might want to set up a birdhouse with some seed or a feeding tray for furry friends, but the number one thing that you do not want is pests setting up residence in your attic or basement. Prevention is key. Inspect the whole perimeter of your home. Look holes or cracks in the foundation or around windows and other openings. Caulk, seal up with weather stripping or install screens to cover windows or vents. Make sure not to leave doors or windows open unguarded as colder days approach.

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Be Your Own Landscaper

Make getting the yard ready for winter a family activity, if possible. Start off by raking up all the leaves and giving your lawn a final trim. Aerate, spread grass seed and fertilize. Remove any leftovers of annual plants and flowers, while covering your perennials with some mulch. If a harsh winter is expected, use some old sheets or burlap to snuggly wrap up and protect your bushes and shrubs until spring. Do not forget to check the trees on your property for any signs of rotting or dead branches and give them a trim. If a branch falls during a winter storm, not only will it cause damage to your home, but it could even injure someone.

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Put Equipment Away

Now that the yard work has been completed, you are going to need to store all tools and machines such as mowers and blowers away safely until next spring. Make sure to empty them of any fuel and clean the debris off. If you do not have a shed or other suitable housing for your summer requisites, there are many solutions that can provide you with a unit which can be kept on your property. I had an awesome experience with the professionals at Supercheap Storage in New Zealand, when I got my mobile storage unit delivered. I used it to store summer toys, pool equipment, garden furniture, barbeque equipment, etc. IT’s just important to note to properly clean, and let the water out of all items prior to packing them up.

Home Repair roller paint on wall

Cleaning and Cosmetic Repairs

Temperatures are moderate this time of year, no humidity or frost to prevent drying. Fall is the ideal time to do a thorough deep cleansing of your home, including carpets and furniture. Throw open the windows and your furniture will be dry in no time. Don’t forget to clean the outside as well. A good pressure wash can get rid of any buildup accumulated throughout the summer months. This is also the last chance you will have to paint the inside or outside of your home. A good clean and a fresh coat of paint will help protect your siding, trim and deck.

Although fall is a busy time of year, repairing and preparing for the coming season is a priority. You are responsible for your home and it is your duty to make sure it is sturdy and secure for your family to spend the winter safe and snug inside.


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