Space Saving Ideas for the Bathroom

Space Saving Ideas for the Bathroom

Most regular sized apartments and condominiums only have a small bathroom that already has a shower, a toilet, and a lavatory. These bathroom fixtures are often bulky and take up a lot of space. This makes the actual size of the bathroom to shrink even more.  Add a person in the bathroom and it will surely feel more like a matchbox than a place to take care of your personal care and hygiene needs.

A small bathroom does not have to feel cramped especially if you use the right kind of bathroom fixtures. A great solution is a wall hung toilet.  Unlike other regular toilets, this does not take up a lot of space. Its design is made to blend in the background so that it looks clean and sleek.  Regular toilets would be mounted on both the ground and the wall so it affects these two areas as well. It also uses regular bolts and nuts that can rust easily with the moisture inside the bathroom. The bolts of wall hung toilets are hidden safely and protected against moisture.

Wall hung toilets like those sold at Aquant India are attached the directly on the wall of your bathroom. The flush tanks and the installation bolts cannot be seen with this type of toilet as they are already concealed within the walls of the bathroom. This takes up less room in your bathroom. It also gives the bathroom a clean, modern look.

The sleek design of this bathroom fixture is made of Duroplast material. This kind of material is scratch proof and virtually unbreakable. It is made of higher quality than regular PVC covers. It is comfortable and very durable. The seat cover also does not fall loudly or very fast unlike other toilet seats. It falls slowly so that you won’t make any loud noises while you do your bathroom business.

The modern design of this kind of toilet matches any contemporary bathroom design. The white color of the toilet can also match any kind of ceramic bowl available on home depot stores. The clean lines of this toilet can add an eclectic look to your small bathroom. It can also add interest to otherwise boring bathrooms.

This kind of toilet is very easy to clean too. A Quick Release Stainless Steel Hinge located near the base of the toilet seat can be easily removed to allow for easy cleaning. Once you are done cleaning, just snap back the hinge and you are ready to use the toilet once again.

Just because the installation bolts are hidden doesn’t mean that they are not strong. The installation process of the wall hung toilet is made to withstand very heavy loads. This means that you won’t fall off or get your toilet broken while you are doing your bathroom business.

Homes with tiny bathrooms and restaurants that have cramped bathrooms will benefit the most from using a wall hung toilet. They save space and give bathrooms a cleaner, more spacious look. This easy to use and easy to clean bathroom fixture is a great thing to have for small bathrooms.

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Dustin Harrison is an expert in the field of Home decor and Interior design. He is work in Aquant India. Aquant India is among the most leading sanitary ware suppliers providing excellent shower panels, stylish wash basins like onyx basins, mosaic basins and so forth as well as other sanitary ware items. To learn more about Interior design visit this website and blog.


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