Bring Personality and Character to Your Neutral Home!

Personality and Character to neutral home

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You really can’t go wrong when it comes to neutrals. They make homes look light, bright and airy, they’re inoffensive and look clean and smart. The problem is, they’re also a little boring. Whether you’re renting and not allowed to decorate, are planning on selling your home soon and want to keep it looking neutral or you’re just a fan of a more subdued colour palette, you can still have a beautiful and interesting home. When your walls and floors are neutral, here’s how you can liven up the space.

Pick an Accent Colour

The great thing about neutrals is they go with just about any colour, so pick a hue that you like. You could go with something bold and bright such as a yellow/ navy combo or go with something more subdued such as grey with blush pink or copper. has over a hundred ideas for different combinations if you’re unsure what to go for. Once you’ve decided, buy accessories in this colour. Cushions, curtains, vases, lamps, rugs- it brings some gorgeous colour and contrast into the room but without having to touch the colour of the walls.

A Piece of Statement Furniture

When your walls and floors are all quite neutral, you can have fun with the furniture without it looking overkill. Something like a statement coffee table in the centre of the room will draw the eye in and is a fun piece to bring in your personal style. You could pick out something unusual from a designer, or even buy an antique piece and upcycle it. That way you have a truly one- off piece that didn’t cost you much.

Some Unusual Art

Don’t just go to Ikea and pick something off the shelves, choose a piece of art that really grabs your attention. If your room is quite neutral, a bold colourful eye catching piece will help to add interest and personality. It could be anything from a framed print of Louis Wanes schizophrenic cats ( has the fascinating story of the development of this art if you’ve not heard of it!) to something you picked up at an art fair. Alternatively you could go bold with a gallery wall. That way you can change up the prints whenever you fancy switching up the room, and have an eye catching statement without cluttering up the rest of the walls.

Stand Out Lighting

When your room is plain and neutral, it’s well worth having fun with things like lighting. Go with a bold floor lamp, a couple of fun table lamps and a stand out ceiling light fitting. The lighting is an important thing to get right from a practical point of view, but also gives you chance to inject some of your personality into the room. You could add fairy lights to clear vases and wrap them around headboards, or even add strip lighting under cupboards and kickboards. There are lots of ideas on sites like, you could even go with rainbow lighting to add colour to the neutral space!

Personality and Character to home

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