Don’t Do It Yourself: Home Repairs That You Should Never Attempt Alone

Home Repairs and circuit board wires


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Who doesn’t love the feeling of being handy around the home? It could be something simple like fixing a picture frame, installing a new shelf or even replacing a leaky faucet. Whatever it is, we like to save money on the ridiculous costs that professionals charge, and most of the time we can handle DIY issues with a bit of practice, a video and the right tools.

However, there is a limit to how much you should tackle on your own. Let’s admit it, there are some DIY tasks such as plumbing that shouldn’t be attempted alone, let alone by an untrained professional like yourself. A few successful DIY fixes and projects might empower you with a sense of understanding, but in reality, there’s a reason why these expensive services are still in business—because they provide expertise.

There are always going to be some home repairs that, no matter how easy your friend tells you it is or how much it will cost to get a professional to fix it, you should never attempt on your own.

Electrical Repairs

Electricity is dangerous and it doesn’t take an expert to realise the complications that could arise by playing with the wiring in your home. You’re going to need specialised equipment and a wealth of knowledge under your belt if you plan to take on electrical work, so it’s best to leave it up to the professionals (and certified ones at that, not your friend’s friend).

Boiler Repair

Boilers are incredibly dangerous and it takes a lot of study to understand how they actually work and what each part does. In addition to knowledge about boilers, you also need to study how each manufacturer builds their boilers and the specific parts they use which are different across each model and make. Instead of trying to fix boiler issues yourself, hire a certified professional that specialises in your specific make of boiler instead.

Replacing Pipes

Plumbing is on the moderate scale of difficulty if you consider all the safety precautions that have to be taken, so it might be something that you’ll be willing to do yourself. However, most jobs should ideally be carried out by a certified plumber. This is because plumbing issues can become catastrophic and spiral out of control very quickly, forcing you to pay additional costs to fix things that were broken as a result of a poor plumbing job.

Pest Control

If you’ve got some uninvited guests in your home then you’ll probably reach for the can of bug spray or invest in something like a trap. However, as simple as it might seem to use these DIY methods, you have to keep in mind the harmful chemicals that you release into the air or the specific types of pests you are dealing with. Some bug control sprays and tools don’t work very well and each case should be treated differently. The key to removing pests is to remove them at their source. Perhaps you have an invasion of ants due to some food you left out in the garden, or maybe mice are coming in because there’s a small hole in your flooring. Pest control experts know the right types of chemicals to use (if it comes to it) and they have so much experience that they can accurately identify the best way to remove the pests.


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