Your Garden, If Money Was No Object

Garden with firepit and hangout area

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What would you do if money was no object? Travel the world, maybe? Treat your friends and family to luxury items and designer clothes? Probably, yes… but you would probably also spend a bit of time and money on improving your home. Home improvement is one of those things many of us know we should be doing, but we just never seem to get round to it. This is a shame, as spending some time making your home look beautiful can not only improve your quality of life, but it can also raise the eventual value of your home. Usually, though, money is the main barrier as to why most of us don’t take up any major home improvements. Additionally, our gardens tend to be the things that suffer the most in this whole debacle, as any money we DO come into goes straight on fixing the inside of the house, plus interiors. But if money was no object, what would you do to turn your garden into a luxurious paradise? Here are some of the top picks for designing your dream outdoor escape.

Hangout area

These days, our gardens are regarded as somewhere to socialize as well as a place that simply looks nice. You can add a touch of class to your garden by creating a chic yet functional ‘hangout area’ for you, your family and any guests that may come by. This is much more than simply a few deck chairs dotted around the edge of a wooden table. Garden furniture and amenities have improved hugely in recent years and now there is a huge variety of items to choose from. Why not opt for a sunken seating area complete with cushions for a truly cozy evening space? Having a fire pit or some electric heaters also makes the whole thing that little bit more special – your guests will be begging you to host them again!

Wonderful water

The majority of people don’t have access to water in their gardens, which is perhaps what makes it regarded as such a luxury. If you happen to be lucky enough to be situated near a natural water source, make the most of it! Extend your garden right down to the water’s edge, where you could even have a boat lift installed. If that doesn’t scream luxury, what does?! Water is also very relaxing, so the mere sound of the swell lapping at the bottom of your garden is enough to add a high-class feel to your backyard.
Garden with trimmed bushes perfectly

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A messy, overgrown garden doesn’t tend to be a part of anyone’s dream home. If you really want to go for a chic and expensive garden look, get creative with topiary. Topiary is the age-old art of trimming and shearing hedges and plants into specific shapes, which can give your garden an impressive backdrop. Think country manor and stately homes… that’s the kind of look you will get with topiary. You can give it a go yourself, but be aware it is a detailed skill – you may be better off hiring a professional.


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