Tips for Aspiring Country Dwellers

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For people who have lived in cities their whole lives, the idea of relocating to a small home in the countryside sounds like a dream come true. Picturesque places with homes for sale like those in Tagaytay, Yorkshire, Ohio, Fielding, and the like has this charm that simply can’t be shaken off.

And why shouldn’t’ they be proclaimed so? Imagine waking up to the sound of rustling leaves, walking in lush, green fields and feeling the breeze’s soft kisses on your skin all the time. It’s an irresistibly seductive proposition.

One that has to be taken very seriously.

Uprooting yourself and moving from the city to the countryside can be pretty jarring, especially for those who have never spent a considerable amount of time in the great outdoors. That said, here are some tips you need to know before you start that big move.

Get your items in check

First and foremost, before you even try to leave, make sure that all your belongings are accounted for. Sell what you don’t need and keep the little that you do. There’s no need to hoard – you could always buy what you need again in the new location.

For the thrifty, though, why not consider upcycling your old items instead? There are a lot of DIY instruction manuals on the internet you could follow. Doing so not only gives you a fun activity you could take part in, but it also reduces any possible trash you’ll have to throw away.

Imagine settling into your country home filled with furnishings and decorations you’ve made yourself. It really adds to the charm – something your new neighbors will be sure to pick up on.

Country Dwellers barn in the brown fall field

Tell your friends and family

Don’t ever fall off the grid! If you ever do decide to leave, make sure to inform the people who matter to you. Doing so will not only allow them to visit you for a get-together, but it also makes you that much more secure. After all, having someone who knows where you’re living in the broad countryside opens you up for options should you need help in any way.

That’s not to say you should keep latching on to your old connections once you make the move, no. A big part of moving to the countryside is integrating one’s self into the community they’re settling into, so make sure to make new friends wherever you’re going to go.

If you’re at a loss on how you can find new friends, then the local lounge is a great place to start. Buy a drink, sit down, and someone’s sure to recognize a new face and make conversation with you. You’re bound to make new friends in no time!

Make sure you have the necessities

Unlike the city, the countryside is a place where the modern conveniences people are often used can be rare. Make sure you have the following items at hand so that you’ll never find yourself wanting:

  • A car. Driving is almost a requirement in the countryside, seeing as everything is so widely spaced out. Getting from your house to the local shop most possibly will entail either a long walk or a considerable drive, so you’d better prepare for that. Think of it this way: you’re taking the scenic route… all the time.
  • Appropriate clothing. You’re probably going to spend your time in the outdoors a lot, so make sure to pack something for that. Clothing items such as boots, loose pants, old shirts, and hats will serve you well because they can keep you safe from the elements. Out there, it’s function over form – your heels won’t save you. Nor will your bespoke suit.
  • Basic tools. Because you may find yourself at a considerable proximity from any repair service, then you’re going to have to learn how to do things yourself. Basic things like hammers, a set of screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, plungers, and the like are sure to come in handy someday, so have them on hand.

Now, just because moving to the countryside isn’t as cut and dry as you may have initially thought, don’t get discouraged – it’ll be better for you in the long run. Not only does the countryside offer a more peaceful, refreshing, and picturesque environment for you to enjoy daily, but the relaxed lifestyle and it center on community is sure to bring you happiness and good health as well.

About the Author:

Laurel Santos may be a 24 year old adult but at her core she is just a little girl full of wonder. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer in the Philippines. She manages a small pet shop inside her village. She has a big heart for animals, especially stray dogs. She is an avid traveller because she believes that life is not lived within the borders of your own home.  Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about and that is writing.


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