6 Power Tools for the Home

6 Power Tools for the Home

jYou will be surprised after using power tools. It gives professional results to your projects. There are a variety of power tools available for different work. These machine tools can ease your woodwork effort and gives you an awesome end product. Below is a list of six power tools that is essential for your home requirement.


There are different types of power saws which can be used to cut wood. Woodcutter help make cutting through wood quicker and more accurate.

Jigsaw – Jigsaws are generally suited for cutting timber. It can create curved or straight cuts. Jigsaws can be used for making small precise holes in electrical cabinets. It is useful to craft projects that require fretwork designs or large scrolling.

Circular saw – This tool is used for cutting MDF, timber, ply board and block board. This also helps in cutting glass, brick, ceramic tiles and metals. It is useful for direct line cuts. It has different types of blade options with different capability, like a diamond, steel, high-speed steel (HSS), abrasive and carbide-tipped blade types. Use correct blade as per your project requirement. Side note: chainsaw reviews are also a good place to look for similar types of saws and applications for your usage in the yard.

Mitre saw – It is used for all general type of joinery such as dado rails, chopping skirting board and architrave. It can be used for tilted and angled cuts. A mitre saw is fixed saw, it doesn’t move manually to slice the actual wood. You need to angle the timber and cut it adjusting the device.

Power Tools woodsaw jig

Pocket hole jig:

A pocket hole jig is used to make a pocket hole (read more about best pocket hole jig) . You can insert a screw into the hole to join two pieces of wood. You can not notice the screw in the joint. It makes the joint is very tight and strong. If you don’t want to use wood glue and L – joint, then pocket hole jig is the right choice for you. It makes your project attractive and strong.


A router can do different work with a rotating bit which works as a blade for shaping, cutting holes, finishing edges, and making grooves and contours (click here for best wood router). With a router, you can make dovetails or raised panel on cabinets. You can create a specific finished edge for molding trim and cut circles using different types of bits. It also facilities making dados, mortise holes, rabbets and rounded edges.

Power Tools sanding router
Air compressor:

The air compressor is the most versatile tool used for inflating the tire of the bike to powering a nail gun. It is useful to blow sawdust from tight spaces, paint airbrushing and to manage strong tools such as finish nail guns, wrenches, staple guns, and sanders.
Rotary tools:

Rotary tools are used for detail work for a variety of applications. Its interchangeable blades and heads enable the user to perform a variety of things such as sanding, cutting, engraving, polishing and removing rust. The Rotary tools are designed to use by expert’s mechanical engineers. It is best suited for the jobs with exact precision.


A grinder is an essential tool for your woodwork. You can sharpen and remove excess material easily using this tool. you can affix an additional thin blade for cutting metal parts, while can attach a cup wire wheel for stripping paint. You can also attach a flap disc your device for metal work, sanding wood or stripping the finish.

So make a sensible selection of the right pick of the power tool for your project requirement and be careful in handling it perfectly. A right tool makes your work faster, easier and enjoyable. These machine tools need external power to run. It saves your time and gives your project an ultimate finishing perfection.

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