Make Your Bedroom So Cozy You Never Want To Leave!

Cozy Bedroom warm purple sheets

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In case you haven’t guessed from the bare branches, ice covered paths and the need to wear your coat, gloves and scarf we’re smack bang in the middle of winter. We know if we could we’d hibernate till bears until spring, lucky them, but since we can’t every moment spent inside your toasty, cosy bedroom should be treasured.
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Winter Proof Your Bedding

What many people don’t know is that there are ,in fact, two types of bedding. Summer blankets and duvets are more lightweight with lower tog ratings, while winter bedding incorporating flannel, linen or even velvet based sheets are designed to keep us warmer for longer. Cotton sheets are naturally cool to the touch, so in colder months it’ll be extremely chilly when you get into bed so if you haven’t already sorted your seasonal bedding now’s definitely the time to do it.
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Curl Up In A Faux Fur Throw

They’re soft, luxurious and cover basically the whole bed so you can never have enough throws or blankets. Either go for a large, furry coverlet that feels heavier than your duvet, or a fine cashmere or merino knitted blanket that you can wear around the room like a cape. Throws give much-needed texture and color to a room, tie in perfectly with our Danish Hygge, or warmth obsession and give you another easy, convenient layer if you’re feeling chilly.
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Replace Your Mattress

According to experts, you should replace your mattress around every eight to ten years. While mattresses can be expensive, if you don’t replace them then springs can start to sag, they warp in the middle and even lose their bounciness. Good mattresses help to give your back support while a memory foam mattress foundation remembers sleep positions as it molds itself around you, allowing you to get a better night’s rest. Mattresses, just like beds, come in a range of sizes so if you feel like you’re falling off or your double mattress is slipping then you may need a queen-sized one.
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Lower The Lighting

Harsh, white lighting not only makes rooms look like operating theatres but also gives you headaches. Remember the overhead fluorescent lights at school and how you always seemed to leave classrooms feeling dizzy especially in winter? That’s no coincidence as sensitive eyes can struggle to adjust to bright lighting and become strained over time. Lower your bedroom lights, or better still have a dimmer switch installed so that you can control the darkness of the room. Change your lamp, and light bulbs and take out anything over 40 watts, replacing them with 40-watt bulbs. For an extra special touch why not decorate your sanctuary with warm fairy lights or pretty glowing ornaments?
Cozy Bedroom art decorations

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Snug As A Bug

If you’ve recalled your nursery rhymes and phrases correctly then you’ll know that the end of this one’s ‘snug as a bug in a rug’. Mats are ideal for livening up dark spaces, as well as being a place to put your feet so they don’t get cold when you’re getting ready. Embrace different patterns, looks and textures and don’t be afraid to layer smaller rugs on top of larger ones.


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