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Well, if there is one thing we have learned from winter it is how nice it is to feel cosy in our home. It gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling, sort of how a marshmallow must feel when it gets dropped into a mug of hot chocolate. Mmmmmmm. But how do we make our homes that much more cosy? How do we make every moment in our home feel like a special moment, a moment worth savouring, just like do. Well, here are a few ideas to help you reach your snuggly goal of a cozy home.


When we try to think of a warm and fuzzy feeling, the first thing we tend to think of is our family, our loved ones and our friends. So what better way is there to ooze warmth in your home than to hang family photos around the place; make a feature wall out of them, hang them above the fireplace, maybe put them in some nice dark wood frames and put them at different heights for an extra homely feel. The less perfect it is, the warmer it will feel.

Bedroom Seating

It’s such an incredible way to bring that Old English feel of cosiness to your abode. A nice big arm chair sat in the corner of the room, or a chaise lounge or a nice two piece chesterfield (fake obviously). When you look at the rooms in old country houses, or watch Downton Abbey, it’s all about bedroom furniture that isn’t a bed. Try it out.

Throw Us A Blanket

Throws shout warmth. The very purpose of a throw or a blanket is to keep us warm, it’s to snuggle up in with the TV on. Adding a throw to the back of a sofa, or chair, or bed, or having folded in a corner is a great way to seek your desired effect, and it’s cheap.


Close your eyes and think of ways to keep warm in winter. Exactly. Food. That’s why quality timber dining tables are so effective at making a house a home, a nice warm home. They are where we come together as a family, chomping down on some stew as we talk to each other about nonsense, little inside jokes.

Hygge warm fire burning

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A roaring log fire, no that’s what we are talking about. Or better yet, a log burner. Yeah, a log burner, that’s the way forward. That’s how to spread warmth through a home, quite literally. But even when they aren’t lit, just their presence is enough to get your belly tingling. As is everything that comes with a log burner, such as the gorgeous stack of wood on either side and the poker and the big thick fire-proof glove and just all of it. Fire places and log burners are the ultimate way to achieve that warm feeling. They are the ultimate winter warmers. Especially when it gets to that crackling stage in the night, just before you go to bed, the embers glowing bright red. That’s the one.


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