Make Your Home The Epitome Of Luxury With 3 Simple Rules

Epitome Of Luxury chandelier


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We’ve all done it. We’ve all spent hours scrolling through Instagram and getting lost in the labyrinth of Pinterest, clicking on related pin after related pin, wondering how on earth some people have such an incredible eye when it comes to styling their homes and making them look so, well, luxurious. And, at some point, we all ask ourselves the same question: how can I make my home look this good (without spending a fortune employing a stylist)?

Well, there are three simple ways to instantly ensure your home is the pinnacle of luxury and complete comfort. What’s more, you could also end up saving yourself quite a bit of time and money in the long run too.

It’s all in the material

Choosing high-end looking materials is the most simple trick to making your home look like a billionaire’s weekend house or a classy hotel suite. Just think marble, brass, fur, mirror; those sort of things. These shout luxury and expense and, the best thing is, these materials don’t have to break the bank either. It can be as simple as adding a small brass sculpture to your kitchen or an end table with a marble top, or making a feature wall out of small framed mirrors or going faux with your fur. It all adds an extra layer of luxe.

Epitome Of Luxury library and study

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Always opt for big furniture. Big, big furniture.

Bigger is better. Bigger boasts excess and excess suggests luxury. But if that isn’t enough reason, bigger furniture also comes with the added bonus of being that much more comfy. Luxury furniture doesn’t just mean getting a bigger sofa, a king-sized bed, or an armchair with a back so high it scrapes the chandelier. It also means getting a 50-inch instead of a 42-inch, it means going large with lighting fixtures, it means being bold and courageous and dramatic. So if there is one rule you should follow when sizing up furniture for your home it should be this: always opt for oversized furniture.

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Add flowers to every room

This is such an easy trick and it will have a wonderful impact on how your home feels. Of course it can be expensive if you’re buying fresh flowers every week, so to avoid overspending why not decorate your home with gorgeous house plants. Add orchids to your living room or put a large palm in your entrance. There is no better way for you, or indeed your guests, to be greeted into your home than with a touch of colour to lift the mood. You could even go one step further and buy seeds for your garden; that way you can cut and trim flowers for your home whenever you want to. Perfect.

As you can see, there are some really simple and effective ways to make your home feel much more luxurious. However, if you’re still stuck for home improvement ideas, why not check out some of my other blog posts and learn how else you can make your home the perfect place in 2017.


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