Decorate Your Kitchen with Marble Benchtops

cleaning marble benchtops

It is very difficult to choose the right benchtops for your kitchen because the kitchen area can be affected by moisture and oils easily and you need to install benchtops which have great longevity. In this regards you can install the marble benchtops in your kitchen because you can easily use this bench as a chopper board and these benchtops are totally scratch resistant. Along with that you do not need to use any chemical for washing these benchtops because you can easily use plenty of water and normal detergent for washing purposes.

Benefits of Installing Marble Bench Tops

  • Heat Resistant – Marble is a naturally occurring stone that is heat resistant. Other stones may crack when you keep any hot pan or utensil on them but the case is different with marble. Even if you will keep a hot frying pan on it, it will neither crack nor break.
  • Aesthetic Value – Marble looks amazing especially in the kitchen. Marble bench tops add an aesthetic value to your kitchen and make it look exclusive.  With the various designs and styles of marbles, you can enjoy having the stone kitchen benchtops that complements the other interiors of the house. It is even available in various edge profiles.

 How to Clean Your Marble Benchtops?

benchtops cleaning

  1. Damp Cloth – The first way to clean marble bench top is to use a damp cloth. If you are using a nice microfiber cloth, then there is no need to use any type of chemicals with it. It is because a microfiber cloth is 99.99% anti-bacterial and is perfect to use than any other cleaning chemicals. This type of cloth will get a good grip of the marble surface and will clean the dust. So, you can easily clean these benchtops at anytime and it is totally a hassle-free process.
  1. Vacuum/Wipe – If you want to remove that loose dust and grit then you can simply use your vacuum. However, you should be very careful while using vacuum cleaner. Makes sure that you check the head edges of the vacuum and wheels to ensure there are no sharp edges. In case there are any sharp edges, it will leave scratch marks on the marble surface.
  1. Spot Clean – If there are any spill marks or spots that you wish to clean from the marble bench tops then you can use a neutral pH chemical. You can buy such chemical from the market like Slique cleansing fluid. Make sure not to use any chemical unless it is safe to use on the marble floor. In addition to this, you must totally avoid highly alkaline, acidic and abrasive chemicals on the marble surface. After the spot cleaning, you can clean the surface with the regular water. Do not leave the surface to dry it naturally. You should yourself do it with a clean dry cloth.

How to Install the Marble Benchtops in Your Kitchen?

installing marble benchtops

Now you can easily install the marble benchtops in your kitchen and you just need to choose the right size benchtops from internet. You can find many websites that are dealing with different style benchtops and you can easily place your order on their portals. Along with that, you can also avail the customized marble bench tops for your kitchen area and for these services, you need to consult with the dealers or manufacturers, and they will inspect your home and take the proper measurement of benchtops required. It is suggested to compare the price range of the marble benchtops from different portals and choose the best ones per your budget.

Marble is a costly venture and you need to spend little more for these types of benchtops. But they have wonderful longevity and it is a great investment for your lifelong. So, invest properly and choose the marble bench tops right now.

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