Simple Ways To Update Your Home This Winter (Without Breaking The Bank!)

Update your home this winter

At this time of the year, we tend to spend more weekends indoors. After all, with the weather cold and dreary, it can be off-putting to leave the property. Therefore, it’s an excellent time to update your home if you are stuck indoors! However, with the expense of Christmas, we don’t have a lot to spend at this time of the year on improving our home. Therefore, here are some simple ways to update your home this winter without breaking the bank!

Give your rooms a touch-up

Get on your painting overalls and give your home a fresh lick of paint this winter. You will be surprised how much a touch-up of color can update your home. Therefore, look for the original pots of paint and use them to give the walls a touch-up. You might have put any spare paint in the garage or shed. After all, touching-up your walls is an excellent way to hide marks. If you do want to go for a different color, head out to the shops and get hold of some new paint. You can then paint the rooms yourself to ensure they look fantastic. It will save you a fortune on getting a decorator out to paint your property, and it’s a fun way to spend your weekend!

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Add some new DIY furniture

A new set of drawers or table can often cost you a fortune if you buy them from the shop. Therefore, to give your house a boost this winter, you should consider making your own DIY furniture for your home. You can easily make a sturdy chest of drawers, and you will feel a sense of achievement once it’s made! You can follow videos online like this one here to help you get started. Just make sure you have all the tools you need to create the drawers; you can get some table saws online from companies such as The Sharp Cut. And remember to paint it once it’s complete. You can go for a fun color which will add some character to your lounge or bedroom! And you could always ask a friend to give you a hand to make the item. It will be a fun thing you can do together while the weather outside is miserable! Just remember, in order to cut and create your own furniture, you may need some special tools to do the job. For example, a hybrid table saw can be used to put a straight-edge on a piece of wood and cut boards to later fashion into home-made drawers for your cabinets. Try it out!

Use old items to create new furnishings

During cold winter weekends, it’s a good idea to have a declutter in your home. After all, creating some space is a great way to help update your home. But before you throw old items in the bin, you should use them to make new fun accessories for your home. As we talked about before, old tin cans could be painted to become fun new holders for your toothbrushes in the bathroom! Or old glasses could be used in your bedroom as a unique vase. And that rusty old ladder could hold all your seedlings in your garden, or even be used as a bookshelf in your study! Repurposing old stuff is a good way to add some new accents to your rooms without breaking the bank!

Hopefully, these will all keep you busy during the winter weekends!


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