Luxury Living: Five Activities You Absolutely Must Do Before You Die

Luxury Living: Five Activities You Absolutely Must Do Before You Die
Luxury Living: Five Activities You Absolutely Must Do Before You Die

There’s no doubt that there are amazing, humble ways to see the world. From backpacking across Thailand to hostel-hopping across the US, you don’t necessarily need a lot of money to travel. However, sometimes in life only, the best will do. Perhaps you have a penchant for luxury travel, or maybe you are looking to book a once in a lifetime trip. Either way, five star experiences are fantastic ways to enrich your life. Here are five activities that you should definitely add to your travel bucket list!

Swim With Dolphins in Florida

Swimming with these majestic creatures features on many people’s bucket lists. Due to its location and climate, Florida is the perfect place to do this. In fact, this is one of the animals which is most highly associated with the sunshine state. There are a number of dolphin encounter experiences across the state which allow you to swim with, and get up close to these playful animals.

Photo of dolphin experience in Florida (from Pexels)

Ski in the French Alps

Experience the stunning mountain views, explore the slopes and retire back to your luxury accommodation at the end of each day. Resorts such as Meribel for example are ideally situated, allowing you the best of both worlds between the mountains and the village. France is the skiing capital of Europe, and so a luxury break to the French Alps is the best way to explore your skiing curiosity.

Cruise Dubai’s Shores in a Private Yacht

Dubai is well known for being stunningly luxurious. But rather than simply explore the incredible hotels, sights and attractions why not take it a step further? Hire a private yacht and cruise the waters, where you get all of the luxuries of the boat as well as the most stunning views over the city.

visit dubai

Photo of Dubai (From Pexels)

See the Northern Lights in Iceland By Helicopter

In Iceland, you will visit glaciers, hot springs, and ice caves, traveling by helicopter and luxury appointed jeeps. On your trip, you can take to the skies via helicopter and see the spectacular Northern Lights- but in true style. Different times of year will offer different chances of being able to spot the phenomenon, so be sure to do your research beforehand. But this is certainly something you will never forget, and an amazing thing to be able to tick off your bucket list.

See New York From Above in a Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon ride is a thrilling experience within itself. But if you are going to do it, why not do it over one of the most exciting cities in the world- New York! There are a number of companies which offer this experience, and so if you want to do The Big Apple in style, this is a fabulous addition to your vacation itinerary.

visit New York City

Photo of New York from above (from Pexels)

So there you have it, just a few of the incredible luxurious activities to add to your travel bucket list.

What kinds of travel related things do you have on your bucket list? Have you ticked many off this year?


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