Household Maintenance Checks You Should Do This Week

Household Maintenance Checks You Should Do This Week
Household Maintenance Checks You Should Do This Week

Does it look like you will have a spare few hours at some point this week? Then why not do some important home maintenance? It is very important to keep on top of the maintenance of your home. If you don’t, you will find that what should be a small job gets out of hand and could end up becoming a major problem. So this week put your spare time to good use with some simple household maintenance checks. Here are the most important ones to keep on top of.

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Check The Air Conditioning

The chances are, now that it is almost winter, that you won’t need to use your air conditioning system for the next few months. So carry out your checks on it now to make sure it isn’t broken the first time you try and turn it on next summer. All you need to do is turn it on for a few hours to make sure it is working. You should also check for any physical damage on the air conditioning unit itself. If it looks like it has suffered a lot of wear and tear, it may be time to replace it.

Make Sure Your Heating Works

It’s a good idea to ensure your heating is in good working condition now, as well. This will save you the stress of finding you have no central heating when you need it most in a couple of months! As with the air conditioning, just turn your heating on for a while to make sure there are no noticeable issues. Any unusual noises and bangs could be cause for concern. If your system hasn’t been replaced for a while, it could be time to invest in a new one. You can see examples of modern heating systems on websites including rockfordheating

prepare roof for winter

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Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

You won’t have to mow your lawn through the winter. That is because the grass won’t be growing very quickly, if at all, during the cold weather. However, that doesn’t mean that you can simply leave it now. You will need to tend to it one last time to ensure it survives the next few months. Firstly, give it one final mow. And then feed the grass with some lawn feeder. This will provide the grass with all the nutrients it needs to get through the winter.

Clean Out Your Gutters

It is a good idea to clean out your gutters now so that there is no rubbish in them during winter. You should get out all the dead leaves and other debris before the snow hits your area. If you don’t clear them out, they will easily block. Once the snow melts, it will pour down your walls rather than down the drain. And this can cause terrible water damage to your property. Don’t forget to get a good quality ladder to help you get up to your gutters. If you want, you could order a new one online:


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