Simple Spring Renovations To Attract Buyers

Simple Spring Renovations To Attract Buyers
Simple Spring Renovations To Attract Buyers

If your house is on the market, or you’re gearing up to put that sign up in the next few weeks, you’re probably feeling slightly stressed. Selling your house can conjure up a mixture of emotions. You may be excited to move onto pastures new, but also a little sad to say goodbye to your old home. If you’re selling, here are some simple tips to attract buyers this spring.

Outdoor makeover tips

Curb appeal is essential for most buyers. Scientists believe that we form first impressions within seconds. So it’s really important to captivate your buyer immediately. Start with outside before you worry about updating your interiors. Many house buyers now go for a drive in the local neighbourhood and have a look at houses before they decide whether or not to arrange a viewing. Patch up any tired-looking paintwork, mow the front lawn and tidy up the driveway. Put out some pot plants or a hanging basket to make your home look welcoming. If the door is shabby, give it a coat of paint.

If you have a yard or a back garden, clear out any rubbish and tidy decking and patio areas. Fire up the lawn mower and some touches to make your garden more visually appealing. Place some lanterns and bean bags on your decking and put your table and chairs out. You want your buyers to envisage themselves enjoying a hazy summer evening in the back garden.

Kitchen update

The kitchen is the star attraction for most potential buyers. If your kitchen is looking a little dated, but you don’t want to give it a total revamp, focus on the details. Add vases of fresh flowers and paint the walls a neutral shade. Complement RTA cabinets with some stainless steel or marble accents. Clear away any clutter and open blinds or curtains to let natural light in. Maximise the space with a large mirror.


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Living room spring styles

Spring is all about fresh design ideas and subtle injections of colour. Go for neutral colours on walls and create a feature wall with printed paper. Celebrate the outdoors with spring flowers, such as tulips and bluebells. Let the light flood into your rooms and swap cosy fabrics for lighter materials. Popular spring shades include pastels, green and yellow. Use decorations, such as candle holders, cushions, rugs and lampshades to tie in your theme.

Beautiful bedrooms

A bedroom is unlikely to have the same degree of influence as the kitchen or bathroom, so keep things simple. Bedroom design is very subjective. It’s best to present a blank canvas so that your buyer can easily put their own stamp on their room. Keep linen crisp and clean, add throws and cushions to create a cosy atmosphere and avoid garish colours and wallpaper patterns.

If you’re selling up and moving on, you don’t need to make wholesale changes to make your home more appealing. Simple changes and updates can make a huge difference. Make sure your home is tidy and clean and pay attention to detail.


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