Get More Out Of Your Garden This Summer

Get More Out Of Your Garden This Summer
Get More Out Of Your Garden This Summer



The sun is starting to peek through the clouds again, birds are beginning to sing, and buds are covering trees. Summer is almost here!

One place we all love to spend time through the summer is in our garden. Whether it is just to sit or to play a ball game with the kids. However, there are things we can add or do to our gardens that can take them to the next level. So, how do you get more out of your outdoor space? Here are my top tips!

Add More Furniture

You will probably already have some basic furniture. Garden Benches and tables are the most common items to have outside. If you don’t already have these, think about getting some. Furniture turns your garden into a comfortable space in which to relax. If you already have the basics, think about adding to your collections. How about a comfy swing chair or hammock?


Now that you have some furniture to sit on in your garden, get some decorations to make the space super pretty! If you have the budget, think about adding a water feature. Not only will a fountain or pond look great, but the sound of trickling water can be very relaxing. You could also think about getting some outdoor fairy lights so you can illuminate your garden over the long summer nights.

Flower Power

Now is the perfect time to sow more seeds. Plant your seeds in spring so that the plants and flowers will come up in summer and will be able to grow in the hot, sunny weather. By the time June comes around, your garden will be in full bloom! The nicer your garden looks, the more likely you will be to spend time in it.



Add a Barbecue

If you have a barbecue in your garden, you won’t ever want to cook inside during the summer! You can invite all your friends over for a get-together and cook up a storm on your new grill! Don’t worry if you have vegetarian friends. There are lots of great veggie recipes suitable for barbecues! Follow the previous steps and add some furniture, decorations and flowers to your garden. You’ll then create the perfect setting for a fun barbecue evening!

Fruit Trees and Bushes

Fruit trees and bushes will not only create a cute orchard-feel to your garden, but they will also bear fruit. So you can grow your own apples, pears, and berries and bake all kinds of cakes and sweet pies with your homegrown fruit. Bushes and trees are fairly easy to look after. You can buy them in your local D.I.Y. store or garden centre. They may look small when you buy them, but give them time and they will grow tall and have plenty of fruit. Once you plant them, they will last for a good few years!

Follow these steps to get the most from your garden. Once summer hits, you may never step inside until the end of autumn!



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