What To Buy For Your New Home

What To Buy For Your New Home
What To Buy For Your New Home

There are lots of reasons to move home. You might have just bought your first apartment after renting for years. Or maybe you’ve just got married, and this is your first home together. Perhaps you have a new job starting in a new city, and everything is changing in your life all at once. Whatever’s going on with you, moving is a huge thing, and it’s a great excuse to go shopping.

Lots of people like to buy everything new for their new home. And if it’s your first home, chances are you don’t have any furniture yet at all. I love shopping for the home. I even have a scrapbook of great ideas I might get around to buying and implementing one day. One of my favorite themes for a house right now is wood furniture. I just love how solid and high quality it looks and feels. And if you have a look at what House Of Oak have in for this season, you’ll see what I mean.

A wooden sleigh bed for me is the stuff of dreams (pardon the pun). I just love how the wood can be shaped that way. I like curved coffee tables too. I think there is a lot to be said for the shape of furniture right now. But the wood doesn’t just offer you shape. It’s the detail in the grain that I really melt for. And oak is such a gorgeous, light colour. You can’t go wrong.

What a pity household appliances aren’t quite as gorgeous looking as oak furniture? Still, we all need them. If your budget can stretch, it really is a good idea to get a dishwasher for your new house. For a start, it spares your nails and hands from the detergent in the water. Many dishwashers can be purchased as integrated appliances. This means they can be hidden behind a cupboard door, offering your kitchen a sleeker look.

Other must-have appliances include the fridge-freezer. I love having an ice dispenser, but these things cost extra. Still, if you’ve just celebrated getting on the property ladder, why not celebrate in style! Usually, ovens and hobs are already integrated into a kitchen, so you shouldn’t have to buy them. You might need to buy a TV if you don’t already have one. I mostly watch TV on demand using internet streaming services, so check you have a good internet connection installed.


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No living room is complete without a comfy sofa to lay back on. I love corner suites because they are so sociable without taking up too much space. You might prefer having two two-seater sofas if you don’t have space for one in the corner. Recliners are great, but they take up so much room.

Moving house is pretty stressful. When you look around the place, you’re buying it can be a good idea to take extra photos to remind yourself what the rooms look like. That will help you when you’re shopping for furniture and appliances too. Enjoy your gorgeous new home.


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