Bloggy Conference 2015 at Cedar Point


I had the pleasure of attending Bloggy Conference for my second year in a row at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Bloggy Conference (or as we call it, BloggyCon15), is a blog conference for all types of bloggers. My first conference was in 2014, and I enjoyed it so much I had to come back. To top it off, we stayed at the newly renovated Hotel Breakers: located on the beach of Lake Eerie and within walking distance of the amusement park (I mean less than a 5 minute walk)!  

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I was inspired in so many ways, I’m sharing my favorite top 5 points!

1. Build relationships with brands.

Define who you are as a blogger and look for brands that go with your content.

2. Have a media kit.

Showcase your social media numbers, showcase brands you’ve worked with, write a biography and define your blog.

3. Use your local media.

Reach out to your community. Locate stores for sponsorship.

4. Figure out your audience.

Pick your platform and go with it. Figure out what you like and who your audience is. Where is your target market? Facebook, Instagram, etc.

5. Quality over quantity.

Have easy accessible contact information, use affiliate links, give more than you receive, take initiative, be creative, and know your worth.

Most importantly, BE YOURSELF! 

I was captured by the beauty of Lake Eerie and Hotel Breakers. The beach is right outside the door complete with cabanas!



There was so much to see: I was eager to go sight-seeing after Saturday’s conference. I enjoyed the fireplaces outside of the hotel complete with lounge areas to stay warm.

One of the most difficult questions to answer while attending a conference is, “What am I going to wear?” Since we were going to be by Lake Eerie, I decided to go with a blue hues outfit. It ended up matching the remodel of Hotel Breakers perfectly…I fit right in!

Saturday morning was exciting as I learned all about amplifying my blog from Dan Morris and Rachel Martin from Blogging Concentrated. I attended how to brand your blog by Claudia Krusch from Trendy Latina. Both of these were exactly what I needed to become inspired. I learned so much about promoting my blog and being confident and staying true to who I am. Not only was this valuable information for my blog, but a good life lesson as well.


Walking into the newly renovated rooms at Hotel Breakers instantly put me at the beach. It was a seaside escape! The color scheme was inviting, clean, fun, and vibrant. We had Ferris Wheel bed frames and fun decor. The base of the table lamps had outlets in them so we could plug in our phones. How smart is that?! A fun fact is that the red chair at the desk is made out of 100% recyclable bottles. The rooms were clean, spacious, and fit all four of us perfectly!


In addition to the conference, we had the pleasure of touring the park and riding the roller coasters. It was the opening weekend of Halloweekends, Cedar Point’s kick-off to Halloween. The park is transformed at night and there are Haunted Houses, corn mazes, live entertainment, and even Halloween themed food. The park is decorated from top to bottom. Everywhere you look holds a new detail: from skeletons having a bonfire, to pumpkin totem poles. My favorite experience was the “Scare Zones.” Paths and walkways were covered in fog and lights and monsters would jump out to scare you. The Skeleton Crew live show is also a favorite for the whole family. It is a scary cirque-style performance that left me in awe!

Pumpkins were everywhere! From Skeletons roasting marshmallows, to jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin patches, the details of Halloweekends were noticeable. I found my new Fall obsession!


 I loved taking pictures of the resort, roller coasters, the park, food, and beautiful Lake Eerie! Sandusky, Ohio has a new soft spot in my heart and I cannot wait to attend Bloggy Conference 2016!

 What would be your favorite part of Bloggy Con?


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