*Holiday Re-Cap*


Today is February 1st. I would have to say that celebrating the winter Holiday season is officially over. Yes, Valentine’s Day is quickly upon us, but I like to view that Holiday as a headway into Spring. I thought I would post some pictures as a recap of the Holiday season. I have not done a “living my life” post in-awhile, so I thought this would be a chance to post some pictures!

We can start with my Christmas outfit! I love wearing red, especially for this wonderful Holiday. I paired my sweater with my set of pearls.

Also, my work had a Holiday party and you could wear a “crazy” Christmas sweater. I borrowed this from my Mom and thought it fit the theme pretty well

 In December, my boyfriend and I took a little road trip to a Bavarian Village. Everything was Christmas themed and it was so magical. This is a picture of a restaurant we ate at.

 This place definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit!

 Every street and building were decorated in Christmas lights

 A nativity lit up on the sidewalk

 Lights above the streets

 Standing next to a toy soldier

 We got to watch how Taffy was made

 And see caramel apples being made

 We went to a Christmas store which would personalize the ornaments you bought for free

 Enjoying the little Bavarian town

 I never thought I would be the pet owner who dressed up my animals, but I could not help myself. How cute are these matching sweaters?!


 This was their first Christmas, so I had to make the most of it

sahara eyes

 My little one got into the Christmas tree and instead of getting her out, I took a picture. How precious is this.

Yes I found pet Santa Hats and had to try them on! They gave each other a kiss!

 I also received a new career opportunity and was surprised by my Mom and sister at work with beautiful pink poinsettia flowers and a Vera Bradley bag!

 Talk about a perfect fit! I had to take a picture when I found her like this


For New Years Eve, we went out to dinner with my Mom and Sister

 After dinner we went downtown and watched Jesse McCartney perform. He is an amazing live singer, such a great voice.

My babies cuddling away in the same position. Take about a great photo opportunity!

So Christmas comes and goes in a flash and I love taking pictures to remember the magical times this season has to offer.

It was a wonderful Holiday season!

What was your favorite memory of 2012????



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