*Growing Green Onions*

growing green onions

For the longest time I have been wondering how well growing your own green onions actually works. Once I finally remembered to keep the white parts after chopping up scallions, I filled some water into a glass and places the onions inside. I stored the glass by the window, where as much sun could reach it, which is hard during these winter cloudy days! After a couple of days, the onions were noticeably growing and I got excited. I changed the water once a week and after a good week and a half, the onions were tall and all grown up! I know it is easier to just buy them at the grocery store, but this comes in handy when you run out or do not have any left for those recipes and toppings! I am now always going to keep a cup of green onions handy for when I need them. There is no harm or money wasted in trying this project out!


Fresh bundle of green onions

Once you cut the whites from the green part, keep them!

Fill a cup with water, just enough to cover the white parts

growing green onions

This is about 5 days in

growing green onions

After a week and a half 


  • Cup
  • Water
  • Green onions
What To Do:
  1. Cut the whites from the green part of the onion
  2. Insert the whites into a cup and fill with water, enough to just cover the white parts of the onion
  3. Store in a windowsill, where the onions can reach direct sunlight
  4. Every week, change the water, just like you would watering flowers


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