*Fantastic Fall Weekend*


Another fantastic fall weekend has gone by. There were only a couple activities on our “fall to do list” that were left and we wanted to get them done at any opportunity we had. We got the chance to this past weekend. Saturday started off with the errands list. It was a long one. We must have gone to at least six different places. After 3-4 hours of jumping from store to store, the list was crossed off. It was now time for leisurely fun. We went to a local apple house. I was pleasantly surprised when we parked to not find a line of people out to the street waiting in line for the donuts. I think it was not as busy as usual because of a big football game playing on TV. So we went right up to the donut counter and ordered the best donuts ever made: Cinnamon, chocolate, pumpkin spice and chocolate sprinkle. I also got the hot apple cider which was absolutely delicious. We then walked around for a bit in the gift shop and stopped by the winery. We decided to do the wine tasting. We each got to choose six different wines to try. It was a lot of fun and we each received wine glass souvenirs, such a great memento!

grand rapids michigan

After the apple house, we went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. This also was not busy because of the football game, which we got to watch the end of while at dinner! After our Chinese, we went to get my sister to go to a local haunted attraction to be scared out of our minds. We waited in line for about an hour and a half and we were in the attraction for a good twenty five minutes. It was definitely worth it. This got me in the Halloween mood and I just can not wait until it is here. Only a couple more weeks. The haunted house was a great way to end a very busy, eventful and fun Saturday!

Sunday was a day of rest. I was still so very tired from the week and wanted to stay in my pajamas all day and apply no make up! The weather was beautiful so my boyfriend and I decided to get outside for a little bit. We drove to the fish ladder downtown. We walked around the river and watched the fisherman hunting for salmon jumping up the stream. It was very pleasant, quiet and relaxing. After our walk we headed back and proceeded to do absolutely nothing. I changed into my comfy clothes, worked on crafts and Derek made a wonderful taco soup for dinner. This weekend was a perfect combination of busy, fun, relaxing, nature, family and enjoying fall.

robinettes grand rapids michigan

Me in front of the Big Red Apple at the apple house

robinettes grand rapids michigan

The mouth watering donuts we purchased. Pumpkin spice, cinnamon, chocolate and chocolate sprinkle…yumm!

robinettes apple hause grand rapids michigan

Inside the Apple House 

robinettes grand rapids michigan

Massive pumpkin…I think it was $350 to buy…any takers?

wine tasting at robinettes grand rapids michigan

We also wine tasted in the winery they have

robinettes grand rapids michigan

A street musician playing celtic music

grand river, grand rapids, michigan

The fish ladder downtown. There were a lot of fisherman

grand river, grand rapids, michigan

Enjoying the view

grand river, grand rapids, michigan fish ladder

Watching for salmon to jump up the ladder

grand river, grand rapids, michigan

Gorgeous day

grand river, grand rapids, michigan

The bridge we were about to walk across

grand river, grand rapids, michigan fish ladder

Walking across the bridge

the haunt grand rapids michigan

Our picture we got taken in front of the haunted attraction we went through

Lovin’ Those Fall Days


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