*Hanging Jewelry Rack*

jewelry holder cork board craft

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches. The joys of being a woman and collecting our jewelry. It can almost be classified into a hoarding category. The hard part is knowing where to put all of it. I have at least two rubber-maids of unsorted pretty pieces! I wanted to display some of the more colorful and long necklaces that would always be prone to getting tangled. I had a cork-board but how ugly would my necklaces look with cork as the backdrop? So I decided to class it up and apply fabric. This was another cheap, quick and easy project, which I had a lot of fun making. Just a couple easy steps and the final result is wonderful. 

Do it yourself jewelry corkboard project

The plain, boring, ugly cork-board I purchased

jewelry holder cork board craft

 I cut the fabric to the length of the board using a marker (I cannot cut straight lines for the life of me)

Cork board jewelry do it yourself project

I laid the fabric out on the board and found using a knife to push the fabric under the frame worked very well. It fit right in. For the parts that needed help, glue worked just fine, especially in the corners of the frame

Fabric jewelry holder do it yourself project

After the fabric was tucked under the frame and glued in place

Jewelry do it yourself cork board craft

I pressed clear tac pins on the cork and then hung my necklaces.

There you have it, way better than just the cork don’t you think?!


  • Cork-board
  • Fabric
  • Clear Tac Pins
  • Glue
  • Knife
  • Scissors


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