*My 2nd 5K Recap*

running a 5k race

I recently competed in my 2nd 5k this past month. It was a part trail/road. I have never ran on trails before and I loved the experience. It was tough. There were logs to jump over, hills to run up and trees to dodge! I got my little sister to go with me because she has been wanting to run a 5k this year. The race was at 8am and it was crisp, cool and dewy. Great weather for a race. As long as there is no rain I do not care how cold it is!

running a 5k race

My sister and I cold and ready to run

5k race lowell, MI

Patiently waiting to start

This race did not have a chip time so I went as close to the front of the line as I could. I did not have a timed goal, just as long as I did better than my previous time of 27 minutes. Before I knew it we were off!

start line 5k race

I sprinted off and got to a steady pace in sync with my breathing. We went down a straightaway then turned right and up a steep dirt hill into the woods. I was anxious running in the woods for the first time. “Do not trip, do not trip,” was the only thing going through my head. Jumping over logs and zig zagging left then right, I felt like I was in a maze. It was fun, something different. After one last huge leap over a tree stump I was out of the woods and onto the gravel path again. I looked at my watch and was making good time. As long as I was under 10 minute miles I knew I would be ok. I suddenly noticed how quiet it was and looked around. No one was around me. I could not see anyone and thought, am I lost? I hoped not and enjoyed being alone on the race. It was such a peaceful feeling. All I could hear was my breathing, my feet on the gravel, the soft wind and the sun rays on my face. It felt great. Soon after, I saw a man in the distance in front of me. I was relieved I was not lost. I figured I must be up towards the front of the group because of my pace. 

lowell 5k old fart race Michigan

The guy who took off once he noticed I was near!

running a 5k race

Before I knew it, I was closing in on the guy. Thinking I had another 6-7 minutes to go, I saw the finish line ahead! I was shocked and thrilled. I could hear my boyfriend cheering me on in the distance. I started sprinting as fast as my short legs could and the man looked back and noticed me. He did a double take and sprinted off. He did not want me to pass. I almost had him, but he got me by 4 short seconds. I crossed the finish line at 24:08.

5k lowell michigan old farts race

A new personal best. I smoked my previous time at my 1st 5K. I finished 12th overall out of 65 racers. I was the 4th woman to finish! I was speechless. I figured I would do good, but this exceeded my expectations. I was beyond proud of myself.

placed in a 5k race

Whoo-hoo 12 place overall and the 4th woman to finish!

finish a 5k race running

 My sister and I after the race

I have another 5K race this Saturday. It will probably be the last of the season. I have no goal but I know this race will have a lot more people in it. It is also divided into age groups and just my luck I am in the most competitive one. I want to have fun with this race and enjoy every second of it. I miraculously convinced my boyfriend Derek to sign up and am thrilled he will be running with me. He has a goal of 20 minutes and I have no doubt he will achieve it.

completed a 5k race running

I wanted to run a 10K this year but could not find any. So this will be on my bucket list when summer comes next year. I have been lucky to participate in 3 this year since my weight loss. I love running and it is such a fun activity and such an accomplishment to have!

Ranked in a 5k race running


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