Isha And Michael

Isha And Michael


Sometimes there is something that you feel, but you cannot explain it in words, and the people in front of you will deny it till it is proven. Isha and Michael are a couple you might remember from “Twentysomethings: Austin”. This was one of a kind show where people were put together so that they could explore their life together and find the love that they are lacking in their life. Since the idea of this series was different from the ones that we had witnessed before, the number of viewers was extremely amazing.

This helped the creators of the series understand that bringing innovative content to the market is not a bad factor. It might be refreshing for the industry. Similarly, if we take a look at the plot of the TV show, then four women were placed in one house, and in the house right next to them, there were four men placed according to the plot of the Tv show. Both groups try to live in this new arrangement and get acquainted with the environment.

Thus, out of all the couples, the fashion designer Isha Punja who is 24 years old fell for the comedian Michael Fractor who was 23 years old. They had perfect chemistry between them, and their relationship ended with a question mark at the end of the season. The reason was that the fans and admirers were wondering whether their relationship was successful or not or will they continue it in real life. To discover these details, this article will help you a lot.

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Guessing The Relationship Status Of Isha And Michael

According to the available details, it is evident that Michael left the show in the 12th episode to pursue his job. Later on, he recognized that it was a mistake and entered the scene again. This was a change in the show and such a twist never even occurred to the fans. This became the initiating point of their perfect relationship, the reason being that once our guy returned, he told Isha in an intimate setting that although there are millions of jobs lying in the world, if he loses one, then he can get another, but if he loses Isha then he might not be able to find love in his life ever again.

Guessing The Relationship Status Of Isha And Michael

This was a perfect moment of their relationship, but the fans started wondering about their relationship after the show ended, and there was still no news from the couple. Also, it is a tradition among celebrity couples to share their relationship details online and change their relationship status, but till now, we have not witnessed such a phenomenon; thus, the fans are still standing between a yes and no condition. One of the strongest elements that supported the relationship between them is that they left with the status of boyfriend and girlfriend at the end of the TV show.

This might suggest that they are still in a relationship, and soon we will hear a piece of good news from their end. Now people are discussing why they have not declared their relationship until today. Then several factors have played their role in this regard, especially the contracts they have signed with the producers might have conditions that limit them from declaring such news with the public. This is why the fans are sitting beside their gadgets, waiting for the show’s new season.

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The Strongest Evidence

In the case of many celebrities in the past, we have witnessed that people who terminate their relationships also terminate the following of each other on social media platforms. But in the case of our celebrities in question, we have witnessed that this is not the case. If we take a look, we will come to know that they are still following each other. This might be a hint that they have not terminated their relationship. They are still together.

The Strongest Evidence

This sign has given hope to the fans who wanted to make sure that whether their favorite stars have parted their ways or not. Although following each other was enough to leave a hint for the fans to deduce that their relationship is still in progress. Both stars did not just stop there. You might witness that they share photos of each other on social media. Thus, playing with the feelings of the fans. But it is a good sign because it helps us understand that the couple has not gone their separate ways. They are still together, and this sign is very positive.

This also helps us understand that whether they fell in love with each other or not. Even then, they are still good friends who like to spend quality time with each other. Sometimes going out of the way raises a lot of questions similarly. In an episode of the TV show, Michael went out of his way to buy a jacket from Isha’s brand. He only did this to make her happier because she was worried about the reduced sales, and Michael spared most of his money in doing so.

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Isha’s Social Media Is Telling The True Story

If you are not in a relationship with a person, then why will you share his or her photos. This is an important question because if we take a look at the social media accounts of Isha Punja, then we will come to know that she is sharing photos of Michael way more than normal. This is an indication that she has fallen for him. Although the public looks at the Instagram profile sofa the stars to determine their relationship status. But if they try LinkedIn, they will surely find that they are actually in love since she moved to Los Angeles, where Michael will also be present.

Isha’s Social Media Is Telling The True Story


The relationship details of Isha and Michael will help the fans find closure. The fans are tirelessly waiting for a new TV show season to witness their favorite stars once again on the screen and determine their relationship status. We are keeping our fingers crossed in getting a piece of good news soon.


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