Why do I need Insurance for my New iPhone?

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Since Steve Jobs first took to the stage to announce the original iPhone, the world has never really been the same. Smartphones are everywhere, nowadays, and they’re among the most desirable pieces of consumer electronics in existence. But the Apple brand still sits at the very top of the tree when it comes to desirability. They account for more than half of the top ten most sold smartphones. Partly as a consequence of this, iPhones are more likely than any other brand of phone to be stolen. As well as being expensive and easily picked up and moved from place to place without them being seen, they also have brand recognition which makes them more easily sold to third parties. Find the reasons Why do I need Insurance for my New iPhone?

What is Covered by iPhone Insurance?

Your phone’s insurance should usually cover theft and damage, including the damage that you inflict yourself by accidentally dropping your phone onto a tiled floor. As well as this, you might cover against any calls made after a theft, or against you misplacing your phone. Mechanical breakdown is something you might also insure against – though you should consider that this might be covered by the warranty, or by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, depending on how long you’ve actually owned the device.

What are the Limits of Cover?

Certain devices, like second-hand ones, might be excluded from insurance. They’re statistically more likely to break down, and Apple may have stopped supporting them.

You might be barred from making multiple claims in a given time period. This time period is often a year. In some circumstance, you might end up waiting to lodge a claim, as the year rolls around. As well as the number of claims you lodge, you might find that the cumulative value of those claims is capped at a certain amount. So, you won’t be able to claim more than a few hundred pounds every year.

Finally, the cover might be limited to a certain place. If you’re insured against damage in the UK, then you won’t be covered if you should drop your phone in a swimming pool in Marbella.

Is insurance right for me?

Investing in iPhone insurance is usually a sound bet if you think that you’re likely to lose or break your phone – especially if you’re more likely to break it than your insurer thinks that you are. Bear in mind also that most insurers will only cover phones that are within six months of a purchase – so if you’re thinking of investing, it’s usually best to do it earlier.

In some cases, your home insurance might already cover your mobile, even if you actually have it lost or stolen while you’re not at home


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