How Logger Boots Can Make Breakthrough Outside the Working Environment?

How Logger Boots Can Make Breakthrough Outside the Working Environment

Work Boots are a standard reference to urban culture. It all started when Biggies Smalls appeared on the cover of a magazine wearing Timbs. The Timberland sales skyrocketed, and their boots got into every music video in the 90s.

It doesn’t have to be too different for Logger boots.

An Average Working Man

If you aren’t aware of what Logger boots are or how to find them, check out this link Or, Logger boots are boots made for logging. It’s a pair of work boots you use when working in rugged outdoor terrains.

The main advantage of Logger boots is enduring comfort. You are going to wear them standing and crouching – They have to be comfortable even when you wear them for hours at a time. Logger boots also have excellent insulation, and they are waterproof.

Another advantage is the steel-toe box and the metatarsal guard. All these features serve to protect you during the uncertain works in the woods. That’s why Logger boots are so popular among the work boots.

The Work Boots

The Work Boots










Work boots are a part of standard PPE. Feet are exposed and vulnerable during construction and industrial work. Once you injure them, your working ability is gone. Thus, a solution came in the form of work boots.

The feature that separates them from other footwear is the steel-toe box or the metatarsal guard. The steel-toe box is a metal coating or a plate that covers the front of the boot from punctures and compression. That’s how work boots were 100 years ago.

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Today, work boots have new shapes, materials, and features. The original concept with the steel-toe box remains – But, it’s vastly improved. Now, you can buy work boots made from composite materials, leather, rubber, and other material mashes.

They have insulation from water, fire, electricity, and even chemicals. Work boots are anti-slip, weather-resistant, and light to wear.

Companies develop work boots for specific jobs and industries. The same goes for Logger boots.

Yet, the real magic starts when you move them out of the woods.

From Woods to the Streets

It trunks out that Logger boots perform well on the streets. They are resistant and comfortable.

You can wear them for the whole day without discomfort. And, they won’t cause you to lose any fashion appeal.

If your work involves a lot of standing or walking, you can rely on Logger for comfort. They are ergonomic and provide support for your feet.

Most of all, they look like regular boots. It seems like developers made them for concrete, not woods.

Concrete Calling

Concrete Calling










Concrete isn’t at least similar to woods. But the needs of an urban wanderer are close to those of a logger.

An urban wanderer needs a durable sole, coupled with sturdy yet comfortable footwear. During the day, whether he walks or telecommutes, he needs an ergonomic boot.

The city, no matter how advanced, is suspect to weather. Having a single pair of boots for sun, snow, or rain saves you money and nerves. Add to that the resistant materials, and you have a lasting piece of footwear you need to maintain. At least, if you want to use it for several years.

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Since you aren’t using the work boots in their natural environment, you can expect them to last longer. The primary use of work boots is for the woods, but they are more than welcome to the urban sprawl.

Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl










The urban sprawl erased the idea of the province, and soon even that of a suburb. Once you come to the city, you have to live under its rules. Aside from your job, you’ll have to wait for a metro, a bus, and on the busy street.

You’ll have to walk miles at a time. Risking a foot injury isn’t an option. However, wearing tasteless footwear isn’t either. You need something in between.

A sturdy boot that lasts.

Footwear that is resistant to weather.

A product that lasts.

Apparel that blends well in the urban sprawl.

The best things in life are those you don’t expect to fit so well – Like a boot for a logger fit in urban sprawl. The only thing left is to be an early adopter.

Hip Hop Adopters

Hip Hop Adopters










The truth is that Loggers could become in demand overnight. They only need to appear in a music video, shared on YouTube and social media platforms. During the last five years, there were so many hypes.

For example, there were hype beasts, designer apparel, club aesthetic, and so on. Your favorite rapper has to wear it only once, and it becomes an instant hit. You can spend thousands marketing a product – An influencer needs to flex it only once to reach the masses.

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Also, think about the future of fashion. There’s something else brewing on the horizon.

Pop Culture

William Gibson cemented the path of the future when he wrote Neuromancer. There, he imagined people wearing leather, synthetic clothes, and lots of nylon. In the last decade, designers invented techwear.

It’s a fashion inspired by an idea of frugal clothing suited for the urban environment. It’s a fashion that makes sneakers and shoes obsolete. It envisions dressing to be functional and with the use of gadgets.

The official footwear of the future techwear movements is work boots. That’s nothing unusual since work boots have been stapled footwear of punk and alternative culture.

Now, the only thing left is to answer a question – Do you want to spearhead the change or follow it?

If you want to spearhead this fashion supernova – You only need Logger boots.

Cop It

Logger boots are ergonomic, comfortable, sturdy and durable. And, they are also fashionable, hip, and easy to combine with other clothes.

Techwear is coming.

Your favorite rapper, actor, and influencer are going to appear one day and claim the new hype.

Avoid being the last when you can be the first.

Logger boots are making a breakthrough outside the worksites.

Be a part of the breakthrough – Wear Logger boots.


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