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Social media is becoming more and more visual today. No matter how gifted one is as a writer of articles or blogs, they need to be accompanied by a captivating image as well for attracting public interest.

If anyone wants to leverage business with blog posts then, Pinterest is a great medium to work on. Pictures or images which are pinned along with the post needs to convey the blog message clearly and for that, some smart innovations are required.

Considering the amount of time people spend on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, it should come as a revelation that people spend more time on Pinterest than Facebook and Twitter combined. Yet one when having a new Pinterest account would always require to buy Pinterest followers in the initial stages.

Creators use several methods to set up Pinterest accounts and drive more traffic to blog readers. Statistics say that Websites depend on more traffic from Pinterest accounts than any other social media accounts.

Pin blog posts to Pinterest

Research first and find out which blogs post are the audience pinning. This will show their interest and accordingly one can pin selective blog posts  which will generate their interest. For researching on Pinterest one need not have an account and can instead search freely. Pinterest search features allow you to use one or more keywords on the site.  One has to try several times to get the search results as Pinterest does not provide a list of search matches.

Create an attractive pin image

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Blog post pins must have appropriate images. A positive image that is relevant to the blog post attracts the audience and encourages them to share your blog post.  Another way to drive traffic to your blog is to follow some e active users who are pinning related blog posts. Apart from knowing their USP, it is also a great way to connect with them and follow some to get a reciprocal visit to your blog post. Another way is to invite people to click on the pin and visit the blog.   One can also reuse images as pins for fresh blog posts but care must be taken that the image does not convey something else than what the blog is saying. One can also use a blog post to image the background and customize it with a suitable title. 

Captivating description helps

Below the pin image, a description is written to provide an introduction or additional information on the blog post. Writing a pin description helps as whenever someone pins the post directly from the blog, the descriptions appear automatically. However, the flip side is that anyone on Pinterest can edit or rewrite the description on his own. Pin descriptions are like snippets that tell the audience what to expect from the blog post and leave it incomplete while arousing interest to the readers.

Pinterest can be technologically challenging for some but quite interesting for others. Someone who wants to be creative should take the help of social media experts such as SocialGreg to try out something new on social media platforms.


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